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GTU Family Reward Program: How to win free Amazon vouchers daily

We, at Gadgets To Use care about our subscribers and come up with something to reward them for being an active member of our GTU Family. This time, we are introducing GTU Family Reward Program (GFRP) and under this program, we will give free Amazon Gift Cards will be given to the GTU Family members everyday.

GFRP starts from May 22nd and it will end on June 2nd. You will need to be an active member on all our platforms in order to be eligible for the reward program. Here we are explaining all the rules and steps you need to follow to win free Amazon Gift Cards under GTU Reward Program.

GTU Reward Program

GTU is offering free Amazon vouchers daily across its social media platforms. Under the program, daily, 5 Amazon Gifts Cards will be embedded in our YouTube videos, 3 will be announced on Twitter, 2 on Abhishek Bhatnagar’s Instagram and 1 on our Facebook page. Here we are explaining the steps to win Amazon vouchers from GTU Family Reward Program.

Steps to win Amazon Vouchers

Following are the steps to win Amazon vouchers from each of our social media accounts. Rules and conditions differ from channel to channel and you have to be active on all the platforms to stand a chance to win the vouchers.


On Twitter, a total 3 winners will be selected every day for the free vouchers. The users will be selected based on their activeness on our Twitter account. You need to follow these steps in order to be a winner of GFRP via Twitter –


For Facebook, we have only one coupon reserved for every day. If you are active GTU Family member via our FB page, you might get lucky to win a voucher. Make sure you are eligible for the GFRP by following the below mentioned steps –


Every day, starting from May 22, a total of 5 Amazon vouchers will be embodied in our YouTube videos. All you need to do is watch the videos closely to observe the gift cards and redeem them. Among the 5, 4 vouchers will be in the video, while one will be posted in the comments box. Make sure you are eligible on YouTube by following these:


On Instagram, you need to follow Abhishek Bhatnagar and you might get lucky to avail the free gift card from his stories. These are a few conditions for winning the voucher from Instagram:

Points to Remember

  • On YouTube, 4 vouchers will be in the video, so the first one to observe the code will be able to redeem it. After that, the voucher will not be redeemable for others. One voucher will be in the comments as well that is also for one-time use and only one lucky user will get that.
  • On Twitter and Facebook, we will decide the most active member and give him/her the gift voucher through private message and announce it so that everybody knows who the day’s winner was.

The GTU Family Reward Program will be live until June 2nd.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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