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How to turn your Regular Smartphone to a Gaming Smartphone

Gaming smartphones are quite trending nowadays and everyone is going crazy about them. Whatever those manufacturers do to make the smartphone gaming ready, makes it expensive too! You cannot afford those shiny, powerful and gorgeous gaming phones but you can turn your current smartphone into a gaming smartphone with some easy customizations.

Some manufacturers add blinky lights (Red Magic), some overclock the processor (ROG Phone) to get that performance. However, if you own a smartphone with Snapdragon 800 series processor, even SD 810 then you already got a gaming smartphone just use one of the following customizations and you are good to go.

Use a performance booster


There are lots of performance boosting and gaming enhancer apps available on the Google Play Store to download. These apps clear the background activities while gaming, leaving more RAM for the game. You can download any one of these game booster apps, make sure it is not a spam app. If you already tried a bunch of these apps then go to the next method.

Install a custom ROM

Every smartphone brand tries to build their own custom user interface in their smartphone which makes it slow with time like Samsung. So, you can anytime flash a new custom ROM on your smartphone to get a better performance. You will get a suitable custom ROM for your smartphone from XDADevelopers forum with the instructions to flash it on the device.

custom ROM

Always go for a custom ROM which comes with least customizations and provides a vanilla Android interface. Some custom ROMs comes with a custom kernel preinstalled which is already an enhanced version of the stock kernel and enhance the performance. Just for the heads up, the custom ROM flashing is a risky thing to do with your smartphone and it voids the warranty too.

Overclocking the processor

Now, we are getting one step closer to even better frame rates in games but this is the riskiest method to boost the performance. So, do not even try this method if you do not know what overclocking a processor means. if you do then hop on and follow the methods provided below but your phone needs to be rooted to make these apps work.


There are dozens of apps on the Google Play Store which overclocks CPU, the recommended ones are; No-frills CPU Control, Kernel Auditor, and CPU Control Free. These apps can overclock the processor easily but you need to do some research on Google to know how much a particular chipset or processor can be overclocked.


These are the methods which can boost your smartphone’s performance and you don’t have to buy a new one. I recommend you to go for the custom ROM method because it is the best and less risky method. Overclocking can be tricky so only try this on spare devices then apply on your primary device. And for more tips and tricks like this one, follow our social media pages.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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