10 OxygenOS Features That Are Coming to India on OnePlus Flagships

OnePlus 7 Pro

At the launch of the OnePlus 7 series in India, the company announced that it will bring some special OxygenOS features, especially for Indian users. These features include Caller Identification, smart SMS, Work-Life balance, OnePlus Roaming, and cricket alerts.

These India specific features will be first coming to the OxygenOS Beta on OnePlus 6 and 6T. The cricket scores feature will arrive first while the rest of the features will be rolled out by June.

OxygenOS Features

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We are telling here total 10 OxygenOS features and some of these are already available on the latest OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro.

Fnatic Mode

The Fnatic Mode is for gaming on OnePlus phones. This mode enables the distraction less gaming as it blocks all the notifications, restricts the background data for some apps to boost your game and stops the secondary SIM to enhance the network.

Screenshot Editor

With this feature, you can edit the screenshot you just captured on your OnePlus phone. You can make changes to the screenshot including arrow, blur effect, crop and change the color, etc.

Screen Recorder

OnePlus introduced the screen recorder feature with OnePlus 7 series. There is a dedicated screen recorder available in the apps which will record screen anytime. So, you can record your gaming with the help of this feature.

Quick Reply for IM

The Quick Reply feature is just like we see in the latest Android phones where we can reply without opening the app. This is the same feature in OxygenOS which will enable users to reply to any message without actually opening the app.

Zen Mode

This is the new feature introduced for OnePlus users just like Google’s Digital Wellbeing. It restricts users from using the phone for 20 minutes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and give up the phone for some time. After enabling this, you will not be able to use your phone except for calling and camera straight for 20 minutes.

Work-life Balance

The Work-Life balance feature will allow you to set a schedule for notifications from work and from life so that they do not mix. With this feature, you can block notifications from work during non-working hours and you can also disable those who distract you at work.

You will be able to select apps under each setting that will show notifications during work and non-work hours and then set Work and Life modes.

Smart SMS app

The smart SMS app will automatically categorize and organize different categories of messages for easy actions. For example, it will identify messages about your train or flight bookings and will organize information to indicate key details in the text.

Moreover, with its help, you will also be able to track your packages and your expenses by managing transaction alerts.

Caller Identification

The Caller ID feature will be integrated into the Dialer app. It will inform you about the callers’ details without the need for third-party apps like Truecaller. Apart from identifying callers, it will also mark spam so that you can avoid picking those calls.

OnePlus Roaming

The OnePlus Roaming feature will allow users to get roaming plans while they’re traveling abroad even without changing their primary number or buying a local SIM. OnePlus will partner with most of the country’s telecom operators to provide you this service.

Cricket Scores

Lastly, for cricket lover in India, OnePlus is bringing cricket score alerts feature in partnership with ESPNCricinfo. There will be a dedicated card for cricket scores via Shelf in the OnePlus launcher during any cricket match.

OnePlus has also announced that the names of these features could change by the time they roll out later in June.