Realme India CEO Interview: Realme X India Launch, Realme Flagship Phone and More

Recently, we interviewed Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth on our YouTube channel. We asked him questions about the Realme brand and its current as well as upcoming phones. We also included questions from our subscribers.

Here is some excerpt from the interview that covers some important topics like Realme X India launch, Realme Android One phone, Realme flagship phone and many more. Read on to know these details.

Question: Why Realme X was launched first in China and not in India? 

Madhav: India is a very important market for us and it will always be a priority. However, the Realme X was first launched in China because of the season was important to those people to upgrade their phones. Initially, we have not been planning to launch it in India but later on, after seeing the response from people, we decided to launch it here too.

Question: Can we see Dark Mode in ColorOS? 

Madhav: We are working on it and we will definitely bring it in the newer version which is coming out.

Question: What about software updates in Realme phones?

Madhav: Users have expectations from us and hence are we are trying to fulfill their expectations. Starting from Realme 1 to Realme 3 Pro, all the devices which we have launched till now, we are giving regular updates to them. Till now, we have given more than 40 updates in less than one year which hasn’t done by any other brand.

Question: What about a Realme premium phone with a glass back and metal frame? Can we see it in the future?

Realme 3 Pro comes with a polycarbonate body

Madhav: We don’t have a difference in cost whether its glass or polycarbonate. Glass is not as durable as polycarbonate. We can also play with design as it is polycarbonate.

Question: Will Realme launch its phones in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries? 

Madhav: Every single country is important for us. We have already expanded in Southeast Asia. We have also launched in China as well so we are expanding in South Asia. Slowly we will expand in other countries and it is in our project.

Question: What about Realme offline stores? 

Madhav: Touch and feel are important for Indian users before buying a smartphone, which is difficult in an online platform. We will have 50 kiosks this year where people can go and experience Realme phones. We will also be having Realme exclusive stores this year.

Question: What about Realme Android One Phone? 

Madhav: Android Go or Android One is just a marketing name. Consumers always believe that to have an experience which is close to stock Android is much better and much stable than the pure Android. As of now, we do not have any plans of Android Go or Android One.

Question: Can we see USB Type C in future Realme phones? 

Madhav: Yes, definitely we will be seeing USB Type C in Realme phones. However, 80% of users think USB Type C is used for fast charging and micro USB can offer fast charging as well and that too much faster. The rest 20% think it can be used for fast data transfer. Hence you can see the future Realme phones may convert to USB Type C.

Question: What about a Realme flagship phone? 

Madhav: Only big chipsets cannot define a premium phone. The premium definition is also about user experience. So when we will launch our flagship or premium phone, it will not be only good on papers and with the best chipset, we will make sure it covers all the aspects of user experience.

You can watch the full interview here.