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How to Transfer Files from Android to macOS

Well, a lot of you might think that it’s difficult to work with Mac and Android altogether. However, when it comes to transferring files, it’s as easy as connecting an iPhone with your Mac. Yes, there are lots of ways to move your data between Mac and Android devices. Following the same, we are here with a simple guide on how to transfer files from Android to macOS.

Transfer files from Android to macOS Using Android File Transfer tool

As noted, there are multiple ways to transfer files from Android to Mac. And the Android File transfer tool is indeed the easiest of them all. To proceed with the same, kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

Installing Android File Transfer on your Mac

1] Open Safari browser on your Mac and navigate to

2] Click on Download Now. After you’re finished downloading the androidfiletransfer.dmg file, simply click on it and drag Android File Transfer into the Applications folder.

3] Now, plug in your Android device into Mac using a compatible USB cable.

4] Unlock your phone and swipe down to open the notification panel. After that, tap on USB connection mode and select File Transfer/ MTP option.

Proceeding with the File Transfer

1] On your desktop, click on the Go menu and tap on Applications. Then, double-tap on Android File Transfer.

2] On the following page, you’ll be able to see all your content (including DCIM, Downloads, Documents, Music, Pictures and more) present on the Android device akin to your phone’s file manager. Simply, navigate through the directory to locate the files you want on your Mac.

3] After that, click on the file you wish to transfer and drag it to your desktop or preferred destination. You can also hold command and select multiple files to transfer.

That’s it. The selected files will now be transferred from your Android to Mac within no time.

Via Bluetooth

Well, if you don’t have a USB cable at the moment and want to transfer a bunch of files from your Android phone to Mac, then you can use the traditional Bluetooth method using the steps below.

1] Turn on Bluetooth on both the devices. On Mac, navigate to System Preferences > Bluetooth and click Turn Bluetooth On if not on by default. You’ll now be able to see your computer’s name with “Now discoverable as”  tag.

2] On your Android phone, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on your Mac’s Bluetooth name, click Pair on each device after matching pairing codes to proceed with the connection.

3] Now, go to the System Preferences on your Mac again and open the Sharing tab. Then, check the box for “Bluetooth Sharing” option in the Sharing preference pane.

4] That’s it; now, you can send files to your Mac like any other Bluetooth device. Just select the files, tap on Share, select Bluetooth, and choose your Mac. The file will be saved to the specified folder on your Mac.

Note that Bluetooth transfers are generously very slow and hence we recommend using it only for small files.

Wrapping Up

So this was a simple guide on how to transfer files from Android to MacOS. By the way, what do you prefer for the same? Let us know in the comments below. Moreover, feel free to reach us in case of any doubts or queries.

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