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5 Reasons Why Galaxy Tab S6 is a Real Tablet and PC

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a great tablet from Samsung, you get the flagship-level hardware and software experience. If you were looking for this type of device for long but still skeptical about buying it. Then let us tell you about five things about the Galaxy Tab S6 which makes it a productive 2-in-1 tablet.


S-Pen is the best thing about Samsung’s flagship tablets like the Galaxy Tab S6. This is not the regular S-Pen from the Galaxy Note smartphone, Samsung redesigned the whole thing from inside out. The S-Pen looks more like a full-fledged pen rather than a stylus but comes with all the features of the regular S-Pen.

The S-Pen rests at the back of the tablet where it attaches magnetically and won’t fall easily. It also recharges itself here and you can see the battery level and charging animation when you dock it at the back. You get all the features of the S-Pen just like in the Galaxy Note 10 so you can control(somewhat) your tab features remotely.

BookCover Keyboard

If the S-pen is not enough for you then Samsung has ane more accessory which will surely convince you. The BookCover Keyboard is an official case for the Tab S6 which connects to the tablet easily using the magnetic pogo pin connection. You get this case in two parts; one for the back with a kickstand and the other part is a removable keyboard.

Other than the kickstand, you also get a sweet concealer for the S-Pen making it even more secure than it already is. The Keyboard also has a small trackpad, it is not the best trackpad but its there so you can use it. The keyboard is solid with a smooth finish inside and a fabric-like finish on the outside so when you close the keyboard, it looks like a nice soft case.

Samsung DeX

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an ordinary tablet with Android OS and split view feature until you launch Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is a complete desktop-like experience with a taskbar and resizable windows. Almost every app supports the window mode so you can run them in windowed mode.

The stock Samsung apps support drag and drop so you get near to desktop experience if you are using a Bluetooth mouse. The Tab S6 comes with Microsoft Office apps preinstalled so you can work on your documents, presentations or worksheets on the go. If that gorgeous 10 inches SuperAMOLED display is not enough for you then you can get an output to a bigger display using Type-C to HDMI converter.

Adobe Premiere Rush

If you travel a lot and edit your own vlogs then Galaxy Tab S6 will be a great companion. You can capture perfect shots using its dual 13MP + 5MP camera setup and edit them using Premiere Rush. The powerful Snapdragon 855 keeps the tablet running smooth and plenty of RAM keeps the multitasking seamless.

A Powerful Battery

Productivity is not all about the user interface or the accessories of a product but also the battery backup. Because be realistic, you can only be able to be productive if the tablet stays up for longer. Samsung added a solid 7040mAh battery which can give you a whole 15 hours of video playback with a full charge.


For charging, it comes with a fast charger to charge it quickly for your use. There is a pogo charging dock which puts the tablet into a nice standby mode with Bixby support so you can control your smart devices.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a perfect tablet if you want a productive, on-the-go, tablet-laptop hybrid with a compact design. This brings us to the price tag, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a whopping Rs 61,000 tablet with the BookCover case extra. At this price, you can buy a decent full-fledged Windows laptop so you should be super sure that you want “this” tablet.