Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha First Impressions

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is one of those smartphones which you ever dreamt of owning. It’s not only about the money but also the fact that this smartphone is just a prototype. Xiaomi does not have any plans of selling this smartphone in the future as well. The smartphone has tons of features to talk about and the most important one is the display and the unique design of the phone.

The Weird Design

In 2019 we have seen some of the craziest smartphone design and concepts but Mi Mix Alpha is one of the weirdest design of them all. The smartphone is just a big display folded around the hardware to drive it with. The smartphone has a strip at the back where the camera modules are placed and that is also made of ceramic material.

The frame of the smartphone is made of titanium which has all the required ports and openings needed. The smartphone has curved edges(display) and it uses the screen sound technology for calls. The smartphone is built from the top shelf material, Xiaomi hasn’t left any place for improvements when comes to the design of Mi Mix Alpha.

Display: Where’s the phone?

The display is the only thing which you will see on this smartphone at first glance because it is everywhere. The complete display including the sides and the back is about 8 inches and it has a resolution of 2088 x 2250 pixels. Xiaomi used a flexible Super AMOLED panel which wraps around the smartphone.

The wrapped around display has its tricks under the sleeve, Xiaomi redesigned the whole MIUI to make it work according to that display. One of the edges of the phone shows the notifications and the other one shows the volume buttons and more. The main candy to the eye is the charging animation of this smartphone which looks like the phone is getting filled with some liquid.

The 108MP camera

As I mentioned before, Xiaomi used the top tier hardware for the Mi Mix Alpha and the camera is no exception. Xiaomi used a 108MP camera which uses Samsung’s HMX sensor with other two sensors including a 20MP sensor and a 12MP sensor. The camera lens is protected by Sapphire glass which makes sure that you won’t get scratches on that camera.

There is no front-facing camera on Mi Mix Alpha because there is no need for that. The rear camera can be used as a selfie camera. When you flip the camera, the rear display becomes the viewfinder and then you can take selfies using the same 108MP sensor for amazing results. Xiaomi nailed the camera section as well but we are still waiting for that DxO mark so we get to know the true performance of the 108MP sensor.

Performance is no bar on Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi stepped into the 5G smartphone category with the Mi Mix Alpha which comes with a 5G modem and the best processor you can find. It boasts a Snapdragon 855+ processor which is paired with 12GB RAM and a 5G modem. Other than that, it comes with 512GB UFS 3.0 storage for super-fast read and writes speeds.


That big display sure needs more power than the regular display on other smartphones. Xiaomi decided to use a nano silicon-based lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4050 mAh to power the phone with that huge display. The smartphone comes with a 40W fast charger to charge the phone completely in less than an hour.

Wrapping up

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha being only a concept phone is a piece of bad news for all those who are thinking of buying one, despite the price. Xiaomi should be releasing this phone to the public so at least people can feel this cutting edge piece of technology.