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Realme Band Features Revealed; Here’s Everything You Should Know

Realme band, the company’s first wearable has been revealed in India ahead of its official launch on March 5. The company on its official website listed most of its features and the design of the band has also been showcased. The Realme fitness band arrives with a colored display and has a single button on the bottom of the screen for all the functions.


The design of the Realme Band is very simple and it resembles other fitness bands in this category. However, it does come with some different colored straps including Yellow, Green, and black, which makes it look unique in some ways.

The strap material looks like silicone so it will be soft and will not cause any issue while wearing for a long time. The fitness band is also IP68 certified which means it is water and dust resistant.


The Realme Band has the curved colored display that shows time, various activities, heart rate, and notifications. The screen is not a touch screen and there is a single button on the bottom that can be used to navigate through the screen and select any particular activity.

Activity Trackers

Realme Band offers various activity trackers including different categories like walk, bike, run, hiking, climbing, yoga, fitness, spinning, and even cricket. Cricket tracking is especially for Indian users. It also shows calories being burnt through these activities.

Heart Rate Sensor

The band comes with a built-in heart rate sensor. The band measures the user’s heart rate 24×7 and shows that on the screen when the user taps on it. Notably, the band can also track sleep through this sensor.


The band also shows messages and other notifications on screen when it connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. These notifications include calls, reminders, WhatsApp messages, etc.


The Realme Band charges directly through its body. This doesn’t require any additional cable or adapter. You will have to just remove the band from its straps and it has a built-in USB port, which you can plug into an adapter or laptop.

The Realme Band will officially launch on March 5. We will know its specs and price only then. Stay tuned!


Satyendra Pal Singh

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