If someone blocked you on WhatsApp and you want to get unblocked from those accounts to send them messages again then you are in luck. We have a trick which you can use to unblock your contacts from those contacts who blocked your number on WhatsApp.

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This is a simple trick which includes deleting your WhatsApp account completely and uninstalling the app. And once you install the app after the successful deletion, you will get unblocked from all the contacts who blocked you on WhatsApp.

This will also delete your chats from the smartphone so makes sure you follow the backup creation steps to create a backup first. The backup will get restored automatically when you install the app back again.

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Steps to create a backup of all the WhatsApp Chat

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Settings and select Chats.
  2. Tap on Chat Backup then tap the Backup button there.
  3. This will create the backup of all of your WhatsApp chat on Google Drive.

Steps to Delete the Account from WhatsApp

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Settings and select Account.
  2. Select Delete my account here.
  3. Fill in your number and tap Delete my account button at the bottom of the page.
  4. After that uninstall the app and restart your phone.

Once you restart the smartphone, just install the app from Google Play Store and create the account with the same number you deleted.

Wrapping up

This way you can get unlocked from all the contacts who blocked your number on WhatsApp. You can follow us on social media accounts to get to know about more WhatsApp related tricks.

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