You Can’t Stop Mi Browser From Collecting Data; If You Do, You Can’t Use It

Xiaomi has always been in question about security when comes to their customized OS MIUI on their smartphones. Recently Xiaomi got into trouble for their stock browser, Mi Browser for security concerns. Xiaomi has been accused of collecting the user’s data using the MI browser on Xiaomi’s smartphone.

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Xiaomi got accused of collecting the user’s data even in the incognito mode which is a concern if it’s true. So if you are using a Xiaomi smartphone and really confirmed your privacy then we have a trick to disable your smartphone Mi browser to collect your private searches and URL you open.

Steps to Revoke Mi Browser’s Authorization

  1. Open Mi Browser and tap on three dots menu and select Settings.
  2. In Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Privacy and Security.
  3. Disable the Authorization toggle on this page.

You Revoke Authorization You Cant Use The Browser

Once you disable this feature, the Mi Browser will reset automatically and you have to go through the setup again to use the browser. If you have to set up the browser again you need to agree to the terms and conditions which will re-enable this feature in the browser by default.

Which Browser To Use?

You can also clear your data from the settings menu so Mi Browser will clear all the data even from the servers which it has collected before. Also, we recommend you to use any other browser on your smartphones like Google Chrome or MozillaFirefox which are a really nice alternative to the Mi Browser.