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Disable These Features on Xiaomi Phone Setup to Protect Data & Avoid Ads

Xiaomi smartphones are the most selling smartphones in India all because of the affordable price range and a great value to price ratio. Still the most annoying thing about the Xiaomi smartphones is the MIUI. Xiaomi been trying to make their user interface cleaner on flagship devices but fails when comes to budget smartphones.

These budget segment Xiaomi smartphones are filled with a lot of bloatware which sends unnecessary notifications and degrades the experience. Well, we have a proper guide about how you can get rid of these apps and those notifications that you get on Xiaomi smartphones.

But one thing which we all ignore is the settings which you pass through when setting up your smartphone. MIUI has some critical settings in the setup which are enabled by default and if you ignore them then you accidentally give consent to MIUI to serve you ads and collect your data. Here are three things that you should disable when setting up your new Xiaomi smartphone.

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User Experience Programme

This feature is turned on by default, this settings when turned on, can share your data with Xiaomi. Xiaomi says that this data is only been shared so that they can better the user experience for you and tune it further to meet your expectations. To know more about it you can tap View details link below it.

Send diagnostic data Automatically

This is another feature which is enabled by default, this feature sends diagnostic data to Xiaomi. This data is shared so Xiaomi can better the user experience by fixing buds and problems you are experiencing on your device and as it says in the second line, it may include your personal data.

Personalized ads

Any setting which has the word “ads” in it should be turned off in Xiaomi smartphones. Although this feature is there so you can get interested in related ads on your smartphone. ANd to do that, this feature allows the smartphone to send some data like search results to Xiaomi.

Wrapping up

Xiaomi smartphones are really affordable and this is one reason everyone buys these smartphones in India. We are not saying that Xiaomi should not add these features to the MIUI. These features should not be enabled by default, anyone who wants can enable these features by itself.

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