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Android is a very versatile operating system on a smartphone, you can do almost everything that your PC can do including multiwindow. Because the screen on a smartphone is small so we cannot get free form windows like in the Windows or a Mac PC. But we can work on two apps at the same time using a split-screen feature of Android.

Android 9 Pie and above have this feature which lets you run to apps side by side on your phone. You can put them side by side when landscape to get a more productive feeling and you can get it to work in portrait mode as well. Here is a little guide to tell you how you can run two apps in split-screen on your phone.

Steps to enable Split Screen on your Android smartphone

  1. Launch two apps one by one which you want to run in split-screen view and minimize both of them.
  2. Now, open the app switcher and tap on the split-screen button on to the app.
  3. The app will shift to the top side of the screen and then you can select another app from the list to open in the split-screen view.
  4. Now you will see both apps running in the split-screen on your smartphone.

If Your Phone Doesn’t Support Split Screen Feature

If your phone doesn’t support the Split Screen feature because you are running the previous version of Android. Then you can do some basic stuff on your smartphone using an app called Floating Windows. This app lets you open a few standalone apps in a small pop up window so you can use multiple apps at a time.

This app is called Floating Apps Free which lets you run a few apps in floating windows without rooting your phone. You will be able to run apps like a calculator, browser, YouTube, and even a music player. This app is free o use but you can get the premium version for more features and apps.

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Wrapping up

Now you can run two apps on our Android phone at the same time. You can also resize the apps using the separator between the apps. You can even use YouTube in split-screen with another app to watch videos in split-screen mode.

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