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3 Best Transparent Live Camera Wallpapers For Your Android

If you are very fond of customizing your Android smartphone then you may be using some live wallpaper on your smartphone. This is the easiest and unique way of customizing the wallpaper on your Android smartphone. There are a lot of free Live wallpapers on Google Play Store but today we are going to tell you about something unique.

Here some of the best transparent live camera wallpaper for your Android smartphone. These wallpapers use the camera to show you the back of the smartphone. It's not perfect but gives a bit of a transparent look to your smartphone. These wallpapers use the camera so make sure that your smartphone has a big battery or your phone will be drained quickly.

Transparent Live Wallpaper

Transparent Live Wallpaper is an attractive wallpaper that helps you to apply transparent feel to your smartphone. If you got bored of your regular smartphone then you should get this wallpaper on your smartphone right now. This adds a unique look to your Android smartphone screen.

This app comes with a lot of features that include a beautiful highly customized live wallpaper. It uses your smartphone back camera to show you the background as transparent. You only have to download the app and launch the app to set it as a smartphone wallpaper.


Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper

If you got bored of the same old HD wallpapers on your Android smartphone then try the Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app. This live wallpaper app makes your smartphone unique from the other regular wallpapers. This wallpaper gives you a simulation of having a transparent smartphone in your hands.

The Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app come with a lot of features apart from making your smartphone transparent. This live wallpaper uses the rear camera to make your smartphone transparent but you can also use the front camera in this app if you want it that way.


Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper

Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper is a transparent live wallpaper to turn our phone transparent in a different way. It turns your smartphone into a transparent where you can see all the internal of your smartphone including the battery and the processor and stuff.

Now only that, you also get to choose the color of the electricity going around the internal parts. There are some paid features in the wallpaper which you can unlock by paying.


Wrapping up

These were the live wallpapers that you can download on your smartphone to give it a completely new look. All of these wallpapers are free to use but you can buy the pro version of them to get a better experience.

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