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5 Apps to Test a Phone’s Touch Screen Before You Buy It

Display issues like dead pixels or touch zones not only affect the user experience but also cost a lot to repair. Hence, you should always make sure that the screen is working fine while buying a used device. In this article, let’s have a quick look at five apps that’ll help you test the touch screen of any Android phone.

Apps To Test Touch Screen on Android Phones

1. Touchscreen Test

Test Touch Screen on Android Phones

Touchscreen Test is a simple app that checks your Android phone’s display for defects. Using the same, you can test if all areas on the screen are equally sensitive and responding to touch.

All you need to do is install the app, start the test, and draw over all the dots with your finger. Doing so will turn them green, meaning the screen is working fine. However, if a particular grid doesn’t, it could be a sign of sensitivity issues or dead zones.

This way, you can find possible dead zones on your phone’s display.

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2. Multi-Touch Tester

Multi-touch Tester- Test Display on Android

As the name suggests, Multi-touch Tester lets you test the multi-touch capabilities of your device’s display. You can touch with all your fingers to see how many fingers the device can sense at the same time. Usually, most Android phones support a five-point touch screen.

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3. Screen Test Pro

Screen Test Pro

Screen Test Pro is a full-fledged app for testing your phone’s display. It lets you check the screen’s color performance, dead pixels, saturation, and white balance. It’s even got a grayscale test and multi-touch detector embedded within.

Besides, the app shows display parameters, including screen size, pixel count, density, and more. There’s a separate section that shows all the sensors supported by the device.

If you’re buying a used phone or want to test your own device for screen issues, install the app and give it a run.

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4. Display Tester

Display Tester

Display Tester offers way more features with developer tools meant for in-depth testing. It’s got defective pixel detection, test for banding, contrast, and saturation, followed by gamma detection.

You can check the phone’s viewing angles and if it can handle wide gamut colors correctly. It also brings some useful additions to the table, including ‘Repair burn-in’  and real-world reference pictures for comparing screens of two phones.

Interestingly, the app supports Chromecast, meaning you can share the screen to test your TV’s panel quality.

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5. Backlight Bleed Test

Test Android phone's Display

Some phones have screen bleeding issues which are hardware-related and cannot be fixed via software. You can check for the same on any phone using the Backlight Bleed Test app.

Fire up the app and inspect the edges of the display for backlight bleed. You can increase and decrease brightness levels using volume rockers. Colors can be changed through the slide menu on the left.

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Wrapping Up

So these were some apps that’ll help you test the touch screen of a phone before you buy it. You can also use them for troubleshooting common display issues on your device. Anyway, while buying a used phone, don’t forget to test other hardware features such as connectivity options and sensors onboard.

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