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How to Reset or Change Netflix Password

If you forgot your Netflix account password and want to change it to a strong password. Or you just want to change it because even you don't know how many of your friends using it. Cause let's just be real, you are not the only one who's using your Netflix account.

Whatever the reason is, there is a really simple process to change the Netflix account password. Well, if you forgot your password then you probably have to reset it. Here is a step by step guide to do that quickly from your phone. Netflix won't allow you to do it from your phone app, you still have to do it in the browser.

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Steps to Reset your Netflix Account Password

  1. Open the Netflix app and select your profile to enter the main interface.
  2. When on the home screen page, tap the More in the bottom bar.
  3. Tap on Account from there and you will be redirected to the Google Chome with the account page.
  4. Here you can tap on Change Password option and it will lead you through the process to change the password.
  5. You then need to confirm your email address to change the password again.

Once you reset the password, you will be needed to enter the new password to the app to watch the content again.

Wrapping up

This is how you can reset the password on your Netflix account if you have forgotten it. You can also do it from the browser, just log in to your Netflix account on Netflix website and then do it from the account section.

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