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How to Change Navigation Bar Color on Android

Android is a really versatile operating system with uncountable customizable features and options. You can switch the home screen and interface by switching the default launcher. You can make your Android phone yours in the perfect way possible by changing the wallpaper and much more.

One thing which you might have never felt like customizing is the navigation bar. Well, you can also customize the navigation bar on your Android to the color you want. Here we have a trick that lets you change the color of the navigation bar and add another layer of customizable on your phone.

Steps to Change the Navigation Bar on Android Smartphone

  1. Download and install the Navbar apps and launch the app from the app drawer.
  2. Now you have to give some permissions for this app to work.
  3. Once you give permissions to the navbar apps, you will be able to use the widgets.
  4. On the top, you will get the color widget which adds color to the navigation bar according to the app which is currently opened.
  5. You can also add a custom color to any particular app if you want.
  6. Scrolling down, you will see more widgets that you can use as customization to your smartphone’s navigation bar.
  7. You can also add a music visualizer to your navigation bar which looks super cool.

Wrapping up

By using this app, you can customize the navigation bar on your phone. The app is completely free to use, only a few features you need to unlock by paying which is not much as well. For more Android customization tips and tricks, follow us on social media pages to stay updated.

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