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Among Us Tips and Tricks: How to Win As Crewmate or Imposter

If you play Among Us with your friends and have difficulty winning the game either as a crewmate or an imposter, then follow these simple tips and tricks so you won’t get owned easily in this game. These tips and tricks will give you an extra edge in the game so you can ace every match easily.

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Among Us Tips and Tricks for Crewmate

Catch Imposter Pretending to do Tasks

The imposter is not allowed to do any real tasks so the person pretends to do the tasks. You can catch the imposters by taking care of the animations and catch the imposter.

  • Check for ship blasters going wild when anyone doing the asteroid task.
  • The task in Med-Bay has a task animation which will make it pretty obvious.
  • The task in the storage area actually shows a game on the side of the ship opening and throwing out the garbage.
  • Another pretty obvious animation is the task-bar filling up. If an imposter pretends to do a task, the task-bar won’t budge, that’s the sign!

Admin Map

Admin Map is a useful thing in the game, the crewmate can easily point out an imposter using the admin map following simple steps. Open the admin map and wait till you see a change in the position of a crewmate, the character has to go through the rooms. But if he is an imposter and jumps using a vent, you can clearly point out that he is an imposter.

Surprise! Surprise!

If you are 100 percent sure about a person, not an imposter, align your character to overlap his character. So, when the imposter will come to kill you, he’ll see one character and will kill you. But then he will be surprised seeing another character standing next to the dead body.

Among Us Tips and Tricks for Imposter

Security Cameras

Whenever someone is using the security cameras to keep an eye for imposters, the camera lights will start to blink red. This is the indicator that you are being monitored and should not kill anyone till the cameras are in use. Once, the crewmate leaves the security monitor, the cameras stops blinking, that’s your clue to make a move and kill a crewmate.

Enter Game Faster

When the game starts and the animation, you can tap on that animation and get into the game a little bit faster. This will give you an extra edge to move away from the meeting room and take your position.

Take Advantage of the Crowd

If you see the crewmates making a huge crowd in a room, get into the crowd and kill one of them. Not only this will create panic but it will also be nearly impossible to pint out which one is the imposter.


Black Circle – Emergency Task
Yellow Circle – Close Doors

Sabotage is a really nice feature available only to the imposters. Using this, you can easily close the doors for any room to trap someone. Also, you will be able to start an emergency task that needs to be done quickly, failed to do the task in a given time is game over for the crewmates.

Venting is an Art

Among Us tips

Credits – Clash Universe (YouTube)

Venting is a really nice feature given to the imposters to kill someone and run away quickly. But for that, you should know which vent leads to which room so you won’t get caught. Here is a map of all the vents in the game to memorize and get away quickly. Thanks to Clash Universe (YouTube) to waste his time to make this chart.

Yellow was not the Imposter, One Imposter Remains

Among Us tips

To confuse the crewmates you can keep the names of colors to your character. This will create huge confusion and misunderstanding in the meetings. Make sure to use the color names from the available character colors, not some off the chart random color name.

Wrapping up

Among Us is a really amazing game and you can really ace the game if you get to know these tips and tricks. There will be more tips and tricks coming about the Among Us game so make sure you follow us on social media to stay updated.


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