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How to Create Personalized Mix Playlists on YouTube Music

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YouTube has added some new features to its YouTube Music app, including an activity bar that will show your common activities on the homepage. Moreover, the app has now added new personalized song lists and you can see up to seven Mix playlists on its Home tab.

Each Mix playlist will be different from the other with several artists and diverse genres. This was formerly available as “Your Mix”. As per YouTube, the playlist combines all your music into a one-stop listening experience.

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Moreover, these Mix playlists will keep updating daily so you can find a new playlist every time you open the app. The mixed lists feature was first introduced by Spotify and Apple Music also has a similar feature.

Mix Playlists on YouTube Music

When you open the app, the top of the Home feed will now show the activity bar with filters like Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Tapping on any filter will reload the feed with personalized mix playlists for that particular task.

1] Download and install the YouTube Music app from the Play Store or App Store.

2] Now, go to the ‘My Mixes' section below the recommended videos section.

3] Here you will find six Mixed playlists based on your likes. You can listen to these playlists anytime and it will be updated on daily basis.

4] If you want to change the genre, just go to the top of the Home feed. Here tap on any filter on the “activity bar” and it will reload the feed with personalized playlists.

This is how you can listen to your favorite music as per your mood anytime by just playing a mixed playlist.

The Mix Playlists on YouTube Music feature is rolling out to all users on Android and iOS apps.

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