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How to Stop Seeing Personalized Ads on Your Instagram Account

We all get annoyed by those pesky ads on Instagram that constantly show us relevant products to our recent purchases. Sometimes, it’s even worse when we search for a product online and Instagram & Facebook start showing that very product in our whole feed. To avoid this annoyance, you can change a few settings on your profile. Here we are telling you how you can control personalized Instagram ads.

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Control Personalized Ads on Instagram

1] Open the Instagram app on your phone and head to ‘Settings’ and look for ‘Ads‘ and tap on it.

3] Here you will see two options- ‘Ad Preferences‘ and ‘General Info‘.

4] Under the Ad Preferences, you will see two options again- ‘Ad Topics‘ and ‘Data About Your Activity From Partners‘.

5] If you don’t want to see ads on some specific topics like Alcohol, Parenting, and Pets, then tap on the first option and select the topic.

6] If you don’t want to see ads related to your searches and visits on other sites, tap on the second option.

7] Here you will see Instagram and Facebook. Select where you don’t want to see such ads.

8] Turn the toggle off in front of each if you don’t want to see such ads anywhere.

That’s it! Now you will not see Instagram ads based on your recent purchases or searches.

Things to Know About Ads

i) Although this setting will change the ad preferences on your profile you will still see the same number of ads on your profile.

ii) If you turn off this setting, the ads will not be relevant to you but they will still be based on your activity on your social media accounts.

iii) If you use more than one Instagram profile, this change will not be reflected in all those profiles. You will separately need to enable this in each profile.

This is how you can control personalized ads on Instagram and Facebook. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned with Gadgets To Use!


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