Facebook has merged Instagram DMs and Messenger, and with this update, the company has added many other features as well. One of the features is customizing the chat, so you can now change the Instagram chat theme and accent color on both iPhone and Android.

It is to be noted that the new chat customization feature is available only if you update Instagram DMs to the new cross-platform messaging which lets you message Facebook friends from Instagram.

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The new change chat theme feature is only available with the latest update of Instagram messages. So, first of all, go to Play Store or App Store and update your Instagram.

Note: You should also keep in mind that this update is not reversible, so once you update this, you can not go back to the old UI of DMs.

Change Instagram Chat Theme

1] Open your updated Instagram app and head to DMs by tapping on the new messenger icon in the top right corner.

2] Now, open any conversation in which you want to change the chat theme.

3] Here, in the chat window, tap on the username of that person and it will open the chat details of the said chat.

4] Now, look for the Chat Theme option and tap on it.

5] Here, you will see several theme options like Love, Holloween, Tie-Die, etc. Select your preferred theme and it will be applied in that chat.

Moreover, you can also change the colors of the accent. Select it from the theme selection menu by scrolling a bit more and tap on any color name.

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This way you can change the Instagram chat theme and accent color to add more fun to the conversation. For more Instagram tips and tricks, stay tuned with Gadgets To Use.