When we purchase a new smartphone, we use all the protections on it, right from tempered glass to back cover. However, sometimes we accidentally break our phone and the repairing cost makes us worried. To avoid this, smartphone companies offer their customized protection plans with their smartphones that cover instances like screen replacement, liquid damage, and others. OnePlus is one of those companies that offer protection plans along with their devices. OnePlus Protection Plan is currently available for the OnePlus 7T/8/Nord/8T series devices. Here are all the details regarding this plan.

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OnePlus Protection Plan

OnePlus offers five plans and the following are the details of these plans for various devices:

OnePlus Care

The first type of plan is OnePlus care which is an all-inclusive plan. It covers damages from accidental drops, crashes, breakages, or liquid. The plan is valid for a period of two years from the next day of the activation date of the plan. It also covers defects in material and builds when the phone is used normally for 1 year from the expiry date of the warranty period. Following are the plan costs for various devices:

Smartphone(s) Plan
OnePlus 8T ₹ 5,499
OnePlus 8 ₹ 6,499
OnePlus 8 Pro ₹ 7,499
OnePlus Nord ₹ 4,999

Extended Warranty Plan

This is the second OnePlus protection plan that extends the warranty period of your phone by one year. This plan covers defects in the build quality of the device when it is used normally for a period of 1 year from the expiry date of the warranty period. Following are the costs for extending the manufacturer’s warranty for one year:

Smartphone(s) Plan
OnePlus 8T ₹ 999
OnePlus 8 ₹ 1,799
OnePlus 8 Pro ₹ 2,499
OnePlus Nord ₹1,499

Screen Protection Plan

This plan protects your device against screen damages ( includes back cover for OnePlus Nord and 8T) due to an accidental drop, crash, or breakage. This plan is valid for one year from the next day of the activation. Following are the costs for the screen protection plan:

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Smartphone(s) Plan
OnePlus 8T ₹ 2,499
OnePlus 8 ₹ 2,499
OnePlus 8 Pro ₹ 3,299
OnePlus Nord ₹ 1,999

Accidental Damage Protection Plan

This plan covers damages from all accidental drops, crashes, breakages, or liquid. The plan comes with 1 year or 2 years validity which starts from the next day of the plan activation date. Following are the cost details of this plan:

Smartphone(s) Plan
OnePlus 8T ₹ 3,499 (1 Year)
OnePlus 8 ₹ 3,799 (1 Year), ₹ 5,199 (2 Years)
OnePlus 8 Pro ₹ 4,499 (1 Year), ₹ 6,199 (2 Years)
OnePlus Nord ₹2,499 (1 Year)

Back Cover Protection Plan

OnePlus also offers a back cover protection plan for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. It covers damages to the back cover from an accidental drop, crash, or breakage. This plan is valid for a period of 1 year from the next day of the plan activation date. Following are the cost details for these phones:

Smartphone(s) Plan
OnePlus 8 ₹ 6,99
OnePlus 8 Pro ₹ 7,99

How to Buy?

  • Go OnePlus official website and search for the OnePlus Protection Plan.
  • Verify your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Choose your plan and on the next page agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Submit and pay the plan fee.

That’s it. Your plan will be activated right away. 

Note: The Protection Plans from OnePlus is available for devices that are activated within the last 30 days.

How to Claim?

If your smartphone is damaged, this is how you can claim for free repair:

  • Call the OnePlus call center at 1800 102 8411 or raise a request via the OnePlus Care App.
  • Give details of your damage and after approval ship your device to the service center. 
  • Your device will be repaired and once it is done you will get confirmation about the same and pick the device.

Note: Your device will be repaired in the OnePlus service center for the damages covered under your Protection Plan and any other damages may subject to a paid repairing.

OnePlus Protection Plan FAQs

Q. My OnePlus smartphone screen is broken? How do I claim for free repair?

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A. If you have purchased the OnePlus protection plan with your device, you can raise a request via the OnePlus Care App or contact OnePlus Support. They will ask a few questions about the incident and after approval, your phone will be repaired.

Q. Do I need to pay anything for repairing my OnePlus smartphone if I have purchased the protection plan?

A. If the damage is covered under the OnePlus protection plan you don’t need to pay anything for the repair of the OnePlus 8/Nord/8T series. However, for the OnePlus 7T series or previous models, you will be charged Rs.750 or Rs.1,000 for the respective Protection Plan for the access fee of repair.

Also, any other charges not covered under the plan would be notified to you before repair.

Q. How long will the OnePlus repairing process take?

A. If your OnePlus phone has a protection plan, the whole process takes about 7 days from the time you submit the device with all the documents.

Q. Can I get a refund if  I want to cancel the OnePlus protection plan? 

A. If you cancel the plan within seven days from the plan purchase date, you would get a full refund of the plan fee within 7 business days of the cancellation request.

However, if the cancellation request is placed after seven days from the date of
purchase of the plan, there will be no refund.

Q. What are the additional benefits of the OnePlus Protection Plan? 

A. Some cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune) have free doorstep pickup and drop service for repairing. The process of claiming the plan is completely paperless and hassle-free. You also get real-time updates on your repair requests through the OnePlus care app or website.

So you can buy an OnePlus protection plan with your smartphone and get benefits from it in case of any mishap happens to your new device. What are your thoughts on smartphone protection plans? Tell us in the comments!

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