Your Google account is very important for you as it contains most of your important data, especially if you are an Android user. Starting from emails to contacts and even photos are now associated with your Google account. So, it’s very important to key your Google account safe. Apart from setting a strong and unique password, you should also enable 2FA for your account. Here, we are telling you some ways to set up 2-step verification in a Google account on your phone.

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Ways to Enable 2-Step Verification in Google

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2FA or 2-step verification in any account adds an extra security layer and makes sure that your account can’t be logged in by just hacking your password, but it will also require a code, which will be sent to you only.

You can go to this feature from your Google Accounts settings:

1. Go to Settings and select Accounts and then tap on your Google account.

2. Swipe right and go to the Security tab.

3. Scroll down and find “2-Step Verification” under the “Signing in to Google” section.

4. Tap on it and then on the next page tap on “GET STARTED”.

After that, there are five ways to enable 2-step verification in Google. Read on to know how to use these ways in detail.

1. Enable 2FA Using Google Prompt

In this method, Google sends a prompt on your primary device whenever there is a sign-in request from your account. Here’s how to enable this feature:

When you enter your password to verify yourself after tapping on “Get Started” on 2-step verification, you will see devices that have your Google account access.

Google will ask if these devices can get prompts. Tap on your device if you like this option only and tap on “Continue”. On the next page, tap on “Turn on”.

That’s it. YOu will now receive a prompt on your phone or any other device that you have selected whenever there is a sign-in request.

2. Using SMS or Call on Your Phone

You should also add your phone number in this setting so when someone tries to log in to your account, you receive a code via call or SMS. A code is sent to your registered number if there’s a login request from your account. Here’s how to enable this:

When you are done setting up the first option for 2-step verification, which is Google prompt, Google will also ask you to add your phone number.

Enter your phone number in the given box, and choose how do you want to get the code from the message or call options. Tap on Begin. That’s it.

Although all 2-Step Verification methods add more security, these SMS or call codes can still be vulnerable to phone number-based leaks. So, you should also know the other options.

3. Enable 2FA Using a Security Key

You can also use a security key to set up 2-step verifications. A security key can be any device that can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone or via USB to your computer. Sometimes a security key is also built-in in your smartphone as well.

When you are done adding phone numbers from the above process, you will also see other options as well and the next option is – Security Key.

Tap on Add Security Key, and then choose the connection method from USB, NFC, or Bluetooth. Tap on Begin and your phone will start searching for the key. Pair it and you can then use it to set up a 2FA method.

4. Enable 2FA Using an Authenticator App

If you don’t want to trust only your phone number or a Google prompt for 2-step verification, you can also download an app to set up this and get codes. Google Authenticator is the app that can offer 2FA for your Google account.

Here’s the process for this:

1. Above the Security Key option, you will also see the Authenticator app option, tap on “Set up” below it.

2. Select your OS from Android or iOS and then tap on Next.

3. After that, it will take you to the Play Store or App Store to download the Google Authenticator app.

4. Open the app, set up your account, and set a code. The app will show a code for your device.

5. Enter this code in the setting and then your account will be linked to this app.

Now every time you want to sign in to your account, it will create a unique code to sign in to your account.

5. Enable 2FA Using Backup Codes

There is another way to set up 2FA in your Google account which is Backup codes. In this method, Google creates unique backup codes for your account. You can enter these codes when you are trying to sign in to your account.

Tap on “Show codes” under the Backup codes option and Google will show the codes on your screen. You can use each backup code only once. These codes can be saved to your phone by downloading or you can also take print of these.

So, these were the ways to enable 2-step verification in your Google account to keep it safe from hacking. Also, remember to follow other safety tips for your data protection. Stay tuned for more such tips!

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