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7 Hidden Google Chat Tips and Tricks to Use It Like a Pro

Google has announced another messaging service that will replace its Hangouts service which has been used for communication, especially in workplaces. Google Chat was initially started for Google Workspace users only, however, once Hangouts will be officially suspended, Google Chat will be available for everyone. We’ve been now using Google Chat at GTU and we dig out some good features from it. So, here are some Google Chat tips and tricks so that you can use Chat like a pro.

Google Chat tips and tricks

Google Chat has some similar Hangouts features like individual and group chat, and it also has some additions like rooms, bots, status smart replies. With Chat, you can easily work with colleagues, such as sharing drive files and assign tasks. Here are some amazing features of Google Chat:

Create and Join Rooms

You can communicate and collaborate with your team using Rooms in Google Chat. If you are a Google workplace user, here’s how to create and join rooms in Chat.

1. Open Google Chat on your PC and tap the “+” icon next to the Rooms at the bottom.

2. Now, click “Create a room”.

3. Then enter a name for the room. You can also add room avatars, which are basically emojis.

3. If you want to allow other people from outside your workplace to join this room, turn on the “Allow people outside your organization to join” feature.

4. Lastly, click on “Create”.

That’s all. The Google Chat Room will be successfully created, and you can start communicating with your team.

To join a Room in Google Chat:

1. Open Google Chat and click on “+” next to Rooms.

2. Then click on “Browse Rooms.”

3. Now, the rooms you were invited to, will appear at the top of the list. You can also search for one with its name to find.

4. Finally, click on “+” or “Join” to join that room.

Use Bots in Google Chat

Google Chat also has Bots that are automated accounts to help users with certain services like scheduling meetings or doing some tasks. Currently, Chat has Google Drive and Meet bots alongside several third-party bots like Zoom, GitHub, Trello, Zapier, etc.

Here’s how to use a bot in Chat:

1. Open Google Chat on your PC and click the “+” icon next to chats and then select “Find a bot”.

2. You’ll be redirected to the bots section and you’ll see the list of bots in Google Chat.

3. Search for the desired bot and click “Add.”

4. Select “Message” and it will be added to your Chat. You can also select “Add to Room” to add them to a room or group chat.

When you add a bot, it’ll start appearing in your chats. You can then chat with these bots to perform tasks.

Enable smart replies

Google Chat also has a Smart Reply feature just like the smart replies in Gmail. It uses machine learning to offer possible replies to conversations in a chat. Here’s how to enable or disable this feature:

1. Open Google Chat on desktop and click the gear icon on the top-right corner to enter Settings.

2. Here, click on Smart Reply in the menu.

3. You can now check or uncheck the “Enable smart reply on web and desktop” box to enable or disable the feature.

Set Status

Just like other popular messaging services, you can also set status in Google Chat. By default, it shows “Active” when you are online, but you can set it to “Do not disturb” or “Away”. You can also set custom status just like commuting, sick, etc.

Here’s how to set a status on Google Chat:

1. Open Google web on your desktop.

2. Now, you will see the “Active” status at the top right corner near the settings icon.

3. Click on Active and it will show a drop-down menu, from where you can select other statuses like “Do not disturb” or “Set as away”.

4. If you want to set a custom status, you can click on “Add a status” at the bottom of this drop-down.

5. On the next page, write your own status or select from given statuses like “Be right back”, “Commuting”, “Out sick”, or “Vacationing”.

Change Notification Sound

Google Chat, by default, has a notification sound that is not very loud and if if you do not like this very much, you can change it anytime. Here’s how to change notification sound in Google Chat:

1. Open Google Chat on your PC.

2. Now, click on the Settings (cog) icon at the top right.

3. On the Chat Settings page, you will see “Notification sounds” options.

4. Under this option, there is a drop-down menu, from where you can select a different notification sound for your messages.

Please note, for now you can use only from given sound options from Google and not a custom sound of your own.

Allow Email Notifications

If you can not be active all the time on Google Chat and miss out on some messages, you can enable email notifications. So, whenever you miss the message, you will receive an email of the same to keep you reminded. Here’s how to enable this feature:

1. Open Google Chat and go to Chat settings by clicking on the cog icon.

2. Now, on the settings page, you will see the “Email notifications” option.

3. Under this, there is another option- “Receive an email if you haven’t read a message” and you can click on the drop-down menu below to select your suitable option.

4. Select “Only mentions and direct messages” if you want to receive email notifications. Otherwise, you can select “Off” if you don’t want to receive an email.

Start or Join a Meeting

You can also start or join a Google Meet meeting via Google Chat. On the left side of the Chat screen, where all the chats and rooms are listed, you will see the “Meet” option at the bottom. Click on it and this will show “New meeting” and “My meetings”.

Click on “My meetings” and it will open the Google Meet window, where either you can start a new meeting or join a meeting to which you’ve been invited.

So these were the best Google tips and tricks that you can try when you start using this new chat service from Google. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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