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How to Like Instagram Story Without Sending Message

When you see someone’s Instagram story, you often might want to react to it. But there is only one button below the stories and that is DM, and what if you want to send DM for just a story? Well, Instagram has finally understood this issue and now it’s rolling the “Private Story Likes” feature. In this article, I will explain how you can react on someone’s Instagram Story without sending a message.

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Instagram Private Story Likes

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the “Private Story Likes” feature via a video on Twitter. He explained how this feature will work and how it will help declutter the inbox of Instagram users.

Here’s how you can like some Instagram Story!

Source: Twitter/Adam Mosseri

1 Open Instagram on your phone and check the story that you want to like.

2. When you open that person’s story, you will see a new “heart” icon before the arrow icon for DM.

3. When you tap on the heart, the story will be liked.

Source: Twitter/Adam Mosseri

The author of the story will know about your like in the viewer sheet of the story and not in the DM. Also, the likes on Instagram stories do not have counts. These likes will appear as hearts next to that person’s handle in your Stories view sheet.

Bonus Tip: Send a Silent Message

Since the above-mentioned feature is not rolled out for everyone as of now, you can use Instagram’s other feature to send silent DMs to anyone in from of reactions to a story. This way, that person won’t get a DM notification right away and your message will also be sent.

Here’s how to send a silent message on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Tap on the messenger icon at the top right corner.

3. Go to that’s person’s chat whom you want to send a silent message.

4. Now type “@silent” before your message and send it.

That’s all. Now your message will be sent and the recipient will not be notified.

So this was all about how you can like an Instagram story without sending a DM and also how to send a DM without notifying the receiver.

For more such latest Instagram tips, stay tuned!

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