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How to Use DigiYatra App to Use Face Recognition Entry at Delhi Airport

If you get tired of long queues whenever you visit Airport to board a flight, there’s good news for you. The Indian Civil Aviation has inaugurated the DigiYatra app, facilitating quick facial recognition technology, to offer passengers a more seamless and hassle-free boarding experience. Today in this read, we will guide you to set up and use DigiYatra app on your phone.

Steps to Setup DigiYatra Facial Recognition

Below are the quick and easy steps to setup the DigiYatra app on your Android and iPhone for a seamless and quick boarding process using facial recognition technology, at Indian Airports.

1. Download the DigiYatra App (Android, iOS) on your smartphone.

2. Once the app is installed click on Get Started button.

3. Register with your mobile number, and enter the OTP.

4. Once inside the app dashboard, tap the Waller button at the bottom to add your ID, and Vaccine Certificate.

5. Now, on the next page tap on Add button, then again tap on the Identity Credential card.

6. Here, you can either upload it from Digilocker or use the Offline Addhaar XML file.

7. On the next screen, you need to check the Agree terms box and tap the OK button.

8. Allow storage access to the app.

9. Sign in to your Digi locker account, by entering the OTP, and entering your DigilLocker PIN.

10. Allow DigiYatra to access DigiLocker data.

use DigiYatra

11. Once it fetches your data, tap on Proceed, now tap on the Ok button.

12. Now, your need to click a photo of yours. Tap on Proceed, and then tap Save.

13. Similarly, you can add your Vaccine Certificate to the Digi Yatra App, by tapping the Health Credential in Step 5, and verifying your number registered on CoWIN portal with OTP.

Note: Linking your vaccine certificate from CoWIN is optional.

Steps to Add Travel Data or Boarding Pass in DigiYatra

Once your DogoYatra Account is set up, you can add your upcoming travel data to the DigiYatra app. This will make your movement toward the boarding gate smoother, and faster. Here’s how to add a boarding pass in DigiYatra.

1. On the DigiYatra dashboard, tap the (+) Plus icon from the right.

use DigiYatra

2. Now, you can either scan the QR code of your boarding pass, or upload it as an image, or PDF.

use DigiYatra

3. Once the boarding pass is added, you can tap on it to see details, or share it in the future.

4. For past air travel, you can delete your old boarding pass as well.

use DigiYatra

Note: Ensure that your name on the boarding pass, flight ticket, and Aadhaar is the same.

How to Board Flight Using DigiYatra App?

Once you have added the boarding pass to your DigiYatra app on your phone. You can follow the below-mentioned process to board your flight.

use DigiYatra

1. Arrive at the entry E-Gate (Gate No. 2, Terminal 3, in case of Delhi Airport).

2. Share and scan your bar-coded Boarding Pass/ Mobile Boarding Pass.

3. Look into the Face Recognition System (FRS) installed E-Gate camera.

4. On successful validation, the E-Gate will open to let you inside the Airport.

5. Once inside the terminal, drop your luggage at the airline check-in desk. If you have no luggage, proceed towards the DigiYatra Gate at Zone 1 PESC (near Business Class entry).

6. Look into the Face Recognition System (FRS) installed E-Gate camera.

7. On successful validation, the E-Gate will open to allow you in for a security check.


Q: How to use Facial Recognition boarding at Indian Airports?

A: You need to download and set up the DigiYatra app, to use Facial Recognition at Indian Airports. Follow the above guide to learn the process.

Q: Which Indian Airports use Facial Recognition?

A: Currently, facial recognition is available at Delhi, Bangalore, & Varanasi Airports, and will be expanded to more Airports soon.

Q: How to get INR 1000 voucher on DigiYatra App?

A: The offer is available to only the first 1000 users, on 1st December 2022, till 12:30 PM only.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can set up the DigiYatra app on your Android or iPhone, and add your ID cards, and boarding pass for a seamless and hassle-free boarding experience. Currently, it is available at Delhi, Bangalore, & Varanasi Airports, and will be expanded to more Airports soon. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more tips.

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