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How to Use the Courier Service in Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro’s DMRC Momentum 2.0 app has a bunch of new features. One of them is digital lockers at various stations. As an extension, this is the new courier service that lets travelers send packages across the Delhi NCR region. The service aims to offer convenience to commuters and businesses alike. So, if you are curious about this service, keep reading as we discuss the new courier service in Delhi Metro and how it works.

Delhi Metro Courier Service at a Station

What Is the New Courier Service in Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro is a hub of innovations, and this new courier service is another step in that direction. It allows travelers to drop off the package at the nearby metro station. A courier partner agency will pick it up to deliver it to the recipient. It can prove to be a time-saving solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Delhi Metro Courier Service Inauguration done by Mr. Anuj Dayal

This project has been in the works since early 2022 and is finally being rolled out for the public. It was recently released on November 1st and inaugurated by Mr. Anuj Dayal, Principal Executive Director of DMRC.

The users can schedule the courier pick-up time via the app and drop the parcel in a digital locker at the nearest metro station. It will be delivered within the same day, saving a trip to the post office. You will be charged depending on the weight and size of the parcel.

How to Use the Delhi Metro Courier Service?

Scheduling a courier pick-up is fairly simple. You must have the DMRC Momentum 2.0 app installed on your iOS or Android device and enter the required details. We have provided a step-by-step guide for better understanding below. Let us take a look.

1. Launch the DMRC Momentum 2.0 app (AndroidiOS) on your phone.

2. Tap on the Courier option.

3. The app might ask you to provide location access and choose between Only This Time or While Using this App.

4. Now, first enter the Recipient’s details and tap on Next.

5. Then enter the Sender’s details then tap on Continue. Here, choose the metro station where you will drop the courier.

6. Finally, submit the package details and tap on Continue.

This will include information like package type, size, weight, and whether it is fragile.

7. After entering the details, tap on Pay.

8. You can choose between Credit Card, Debit Card, and UPI payment options.

Complete the payment, and your pick-up will be scheduled. Just visit the selected metro station, and using the console, drop the parcel in one of the digital lockers. It will soon be picked up and delivered.


Q. Does Delhi Metro Offer a Courier Service?

Yes. The Rapid Transit System is going to be the first in the country to offer digital lockers and courier drop box service in the country. You can drop parcels in the storage units at the specified metro station, and they will be picked up and delivered to the recipient.

Q. How Can I Schedule a Package Pick-Up Using the Delhi Metro App?

To schedule a package delivery, you have to install the DMRC Momentum 2.0 app. It is an updated version of the Delhi Metro app with new additions. Here, go to the Courier option and submit the necessary details to schedule a package pick up and delivery.

Q. Is There a Limit on Package Size That Can Be Couriered Through Delhi Metro?

You can only courier packages that can fit into the digital lockers present at the metro stations. The largest locker has a dimension of 29cm x 50cm x 20cm. This means you won’t be able to ship larger packages than the provided dimensions.

Q. What Will Be the Charge to Send a Parcel Using Delhi Metro Courier Service?

The charges for sending your parcel through the Delhi Metro courier service vary depending on the package type, size, and weight. The distance between the metro station and the recipient’s address will also factor into this cost.

Q. Does Delhi Metro Courier Service Deliver Directly to the Recipient’s Address?

It is not confirmed, but the couriered package will likely be delivered to the recipient’s address. This will be done with the help of a partner courier service, which will pick up the parcel from the metro station and then deliver it to the mentioned address.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can use the new courier service provided by the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation. New services, like the digital locker and now the courier option, will go a long way in making a commuter’s life easier. Though it still has its issues, as you cannot send large packages, the pricing is also a little on the higher side, even for small distances. But besides that, it is a good step in the right direction.

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