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4 Ways to Link Your Voter ID Card With Aadhaar Card

The general elections are said to happen from 19 April 2024 to 1 June 2024 in India. According to the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021, Indian citizens must link their Voter ID cards to Aadhaar cards. This tutorial will take you through the easy steps to link your voter ID card to your Aadhaar card online.

Link Aadhaar to Voter ID.

How Do I Link My Voter ID Card to My Aadhaar Card?

While linking your Voter ID card to your Aadhaar card is not mandatory, it helps verify your identity in the electoral roll. Other reasons to link them are:

  • Ensures the voter is registered only in one constituency and once in a constituency.
  • It helps avoid duplicate entries of the same person.

There are four ways to link your Aadhaar card to your voter ID card, and we have discussed each in detail below.

Method 1 – Through the Voter’s Service Website

The first way to link your Voter ID card to your Aadhaar card is via the Election Commission on India’s website. Follow these steps to link these documents online through the online portal at your home.

1. Go to the Voter Service Portal on a web browser.

2. Click on the “Login” button at the top right.

3. Log in to the portal using your EPIC number, Email ID, and Registered Mobile Number, type in your password, and verify with the OTP. If you don’t have an account, click “Sign up” to register.

4. Click “Fill Form 6B” under the “Aadhaar Collection.”

If your number is not registered on your voter ID card, you will receive the “User does not have EPIC number in his/her profile. Cannot proceed to Form7 / Form6B.” You must first need to add your EPIC number in your account, refer to the “Adding EPIC to Your Profile” section to know more.

5. Once you can access Form 6B, type in your EPIC number and click “Verify and Fill Form.”

6. Click the “Next” button to scroll down to “Documents for the purpose of authentication of entry in Electoral Roll.” type in your Aadhaar number, then click on “Next.”

7. Type your mobile number in “D. Other Details,” and verify using an OTP; enter your city as a place. Click “Next” to proceed.

8. Type in the captcha, and click “Preview and Submit.”

9. Double-check your details in the form that opens up, and click on “Submit.”

10. Click on “Yes” to submit your form.

Note down your acknowledgment number; you can download it to save it.

Method 2 – Through Sending SMS

You can also link your Voter ID card to your Aadhaar card to your Voter ID card by sending an SMS through your registered number.

Write the SMS in the following format:

ECILINK<SPACE>Voter ID no.<SPACE>Aadhaar Card No and send it to 166 OR 51969

Method 3 – Through Phone Call

Another way to link your voter ID card with your Aadhaar is to call the government’s dedicated number. On weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., you can call 1950 and provide your voter ID and Aadhaar card information to complete the linking.

Method 4 –  Visit Your Local Booth

Lastly, your Aadhaar and voter ID cards can also be linked offline. You can do so by submitting an application to your respective Booth Level Officer (BLO).

Alternatively, Aadhaar e-Seva centers and Voter Facilitation Centres will also conduct surveys to collect data that can be used to link Aadhaar and voter ID. You can contact your local voter’s office for further survey details.

Adding EPIC to Your  Profile

If you are facing the “User does not have EPIC number in his/her profile. Cannot proceed to Form7 / Form6B,” then you must first add your EPIC number in your account section as follows:

1. Click on your profile at the top right and go to your profile.

2. Switch to the “Self and Family” tab from the left pane and click the edit pencil icon.

3. Type in your EPIC number and click on “Save.”

Now, logout of your account and re-login, and you can access “Form 6B” from the dashboard.

Check Your Application Status to Link Aadhaar and Voter ID

Once you submit your application to link your voter ID and Aadhaar card, you can check its status online at the Election Commission of India’s website.

1. Visit the Election Commission on India’s website.

2. Click on “Track Application Status” in the right pane.

3. On the next page, enter your reference ID, select the state from the drop-down menu, and click “Submit.”

4. Click the drop-down menu to see the current status of your application.

Wrapping Up

These are ways to link your Voter ID card to your Aadhaar card without hassle. Do note that linking these two is not mandatory, but you can link them for a more convenient and swift voting process in the upcoming elections. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads, and check the ones linked below.

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