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How to Check if Your iPhone MagSafe Case Is Fake or Genuine

When it comes to mobile accessories, there are a plethora of counterfeit accessories out in the wild, especially the iPhone MagSafe accessories. Such fake accessories have compatibility issues, get worn out quickly, and can hamper overall functionality. This article will help you check whether the MagSafe case you opt for is fake or genuine.

Check if MagSafe Case fake or genuine.

5 Ways to Identify a Genuine iPhone Magsafe Case

A fake MagSafe case can defeat the entire purpose of having magnetic wireless charging compatible with your iPhone. Below, we have discussed five ways to verify whether the MagSafe Case is fake or genuine.

Tip 1 – Check for the MFi Tag on the Case Box

Third-party iPhone accessories certified by Apple carry the Made For iPhone (MFi) mark on the product packaging, which is easy to look for. The MFi-certified MagSafe covers are tested and licensed by Apple, and these products have a superior fit and finish compared to non-MFi accessories.

The MFi-certified cases do not break the MagSafe functionality and work perfectly in sync with other accessories, such as the charging dock and compatible stands.

Tip 2 – Check for Attention to Details

Apple is best known for its attention to detail and finish in accessories. Non-Apple-certified accessories lack this attention to detail and fineness and have rough patches towards the edge; the iPhone sticks out of the case, or even the MagSafe ring is misaligned.

Keep an eye on weird alignments, mismatched patches, and edges. Original Apple products would never have such inconsistencies or irregularities and sub-standard quality.

Tip 3 – Check the MagSafe Animation on iPhone

The official Apple MagSafe cases also have deeper software integration with iOS. Every time you connect an original MagSafe case, the MagSafe-compatible animation will pop up on the screen of your iPhone. Not just that, even the pop-up’s accent is always color-matched to your case, showcasing Apple’s attention to detail, which is not usually absent in counterfeit accessories.

Tip 4 – Check the Material Quality, Fit and Finish

The biggest reasons to opt for official Apple accessories are quality assurance, fit, and finish. But that is not the case with unofficial counterfeit accessories.

Fake or counterfeit products’ quality, fit, and finish are always hit and miss. If it is an original Apple case, your iPhone will slide in easily and not rumble inside.

Tip 5 – Check MagSafe Charger Compability

Apple introduced MagSafe compatibility in the iPhone because of the MagSafe wireless chargers. Later, Apple adopted MagSafe compatibility for its official cases to work with the official lineup of wireless chargers.

While buying an iPhone case, ensure that it is MagSafe compatible. You can easily check this by sticking one of Apple’s official wireless chargers to it. If the MagSafe charger sticks well with your case, you are fine. But if it does not, it indicates that the case might be counterfeit.


Q. How Can I Verify the Authenticity of My MagSafe Case?

The easiest way to check whether you have the genuine MagSafe case is to look for the MFi tag on the product packaging. When you connect the official accessories, you can also see the color-matching pop-up animation on the iPhone.

Q. Can I verify the MagSafe Accessories with the Serial Number?

No. Apple does not have an online portal to verify the MagSafe accessories using Serial Numbers.

Q. What Should I Do If I Suspect My MagSafe Case Fake?

If you suspect the MagSafe case is fake, you can check for its authenticity using the abovementioned tips.

Q. What Should I Do if My MagSafe Charger Does Not Work With My MagSafe Case?

You can ask for a refund from the seller or, if it is an official Apple case, a replacement from Apple.

Wrapping Up

MFi cases are crafted precisely to go with your iPhone, protecting your iPhone and keeping the MagSafe functionality intact. But that is not the case with fake or counterfeit MagSafe cases. Use the tips above to learn if the MagSafe case is fake or genuine. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more tips and tricks.

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