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9 Ways to Fix AirTag Keeps Beeping Without Moving or Tracking

Apple’s AirTag can be a lifesaver at times. Using its Bluetooth chip and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, you can track items attached to it, like keys and bags, using Apple’s Find My app. However, several user reports have indicated a peculiar problem of random ringing, or beeping sounds coming from AirTag. This article will help you fix those random chime sounds or beeping AirTag.

An AirTag held between thumb and index finger against the background of the blue sky.

Reasons Why An AirTag Beeps Randomly

There can be many reasons why your Airtags keep beeping even when you’re not moving or tracking any item. Some of these reasons could be that you’ve left its “Play Sound” feature on or the safety alerts are on.

  • Chime While Setup – When setting up a new AirTag, it rings to indicate that it is powered on and ready to pair.
  • AirTag’s Battery is Low – If the AirTag’s battery health is degraded, it will beep to notify you.
  • The connection is lost – When the connection between the iPhone and the AirTag breaks, it rings to alert that the tag is left behind.
  • AirTag is in lost mode – The AirTag also beeps in lost mode, which helps anyone in proximity to locate it easily.

How to Fix an AirTag That Keeps Beeping?

Now that we know why an AirTag rings randomly while near or away from you, let’s explore solutions to fix this problem.

Method 1 – Keep the AirTag in iPhone’s Proximity

As mentioned earlier, when the connection between your iPhone and the AirTag breaks, the AirTag beeps as a reminder that you have left it behind. So, one way to fix this is to keep the AirTag near your iPhone to prevent it from beeping.

An AirTag placed next to the connected iPhone with the Find My app open.

Method 2 – Keep the Bluetooth Enabled

If the AirTag continues to beep when placed near your iPhone, the iPhone’s Bluetooth might be turned off. Since the AirTag uses a Bluetooth connection and a UWB chip, you must keep Bluetooth enabled to fix any random beeping sound, even when it is kept near your iPhone.

You can enable Bluetooth from the control centre or the iOS settings.

Method 3 – Replace the Battery of AirTag

Another reason your AirTag chimes frequently is that its battery is running low. Your iPhone should also display a notification alert that says, “AirTag battery is low.” To fix this, you must replace the AirTag’s battery as follows:

Apple AirTag low battery notification on an iPhone.

1. Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate it anticlockwise until the cover stops rotating.

A picture depicting twisting an AirTag's steel plate anticlockwise to remove battery.

2. Remove the cover and battery, and insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. Ensure the positive side is facing up.

You’ll hear a sound indicating that the battery has been connected successfully.

A close-up shot of Apple AirTag's battery.

3. Replace the cover, ensuring that the three tabs align with the three AirTag slots.

4. Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops.

A picture depicting twisting an AirTag's steel plate clockwise to close the battery lid.

After you have successfully replaced the AirTag battery, it will stop beeping.

Method 4 – Turn off Lost Mode

An active Lost Mode on your AirTag is another reason for it to beep randomly. While it is less likely for it to activate on its own, you must follow these steps to stop it from ringing any further by turning off the Lost Mode via the Find My app.

1. Launch your iPhone’s “Find My” app and switch to the “Items” tab from the bottom navigation bar.

2. Under the items page, select your AirTag, scroll down, and tap “Lost Mode,” which says “Enabled.”

3. Now, tap on “Turn Off Lost Mode.”

4. Finally, tap “Turn Off” on the pop-up window to confirm your action.

Method 5 – Add Exception to Notify When Left Behind

If you often visit a place, such as your office, school, or college, you can prevent your AirTag from ringing under lost mode if it’s left behind there. This can be done by marking the place’s geolocation as an exception to the “Notify when left behind” option under the Find My app as follows.

1. Launch the “Find My” app on your iPhone or iPad, and switch to the “Items” tab from the bottom navigation bar.

2. Under the items page, select your AirTag, scroll down, and tap “Notify When Left Behind.”

The selected Apple AirTag's Notify When Left Behind feature highlighted on screen.

3. Now, tap “New Location” and drop the pin or manually type the geolocation of the place you want to include as an exception.

You can also select the radius as small, medium, or large, depending on your preference

Once you have added a place as an exception to the “Notify When Left Behind” tag, your AirTag will no longer beep when you leave it at the marked location. You can add multiple exceptions, like your home, school, office, etc.

Method 6 – Unpair and Repair the Airtag

Another way to fix the problem of your Airtag beeping randomly is to remove it from your Find My app and set it up as a new tracker. Here’s how.

1. Open the “Find My” app on your iPhone or iPad, and switch to the “Items” tab from the bottom navigation bar.

2. From the list of items, tap on the AirTag that keeps beeping.

3. Scroll on the page that appears, and tap the “Remove Item” option.

4. Tap “Remove” to confirm your action and unpair the AirTag from your Apple account.

Now that it is delinked from your account close the Find My app. To pair it again, bring the AirTag near your iPhone or iPad and tap the “Connect” button when the pairing animation appears.

A highlighted connect option visible on the iPhone screen for a nearby AirTag.

Method 7 – Reset AirTag

If removing the AirTag and linking it again to your account didn’t fix the issue, you should consider resetting it. Follow the steps below to reset your AirTag and then pair it again.

1. First, you must remove the AirTag battery. To do so, press the stainless steel cover and rotate it anticlockwise until it stops spinning.

A picture depicting twisting an AirTag's steel plate anticlockwise to remove battery.

2. Remove the cover, remove the battery, and place it back. This will make the AirTag chime.

Image of an AirTag with its battery removed.

3. Now, repeat the second step five times.

A close-up of an AirTag battery.

4. After you repeat the process five times, the AirTag will play a different chime, which indicates that the reset is now completed.

A picture depicting twisting an AirTag's steel lid clockwise to insert its battery.

After this, you can pair it to your iPhone by tapping “Connect” and then attach it to the item. This will fix the unnecessary beeping issue on your AirTag.

Connect option appearing on the AirTag pairing screen.

Method 8 – Update AirTag’s Firmware

After several user reports, Apple has released a firmware update for AirTag to fix the random beeping issue. We recommend updating your AirTag to the latest firmware.

An AirTag placed next to the connected iPhone with the Find My app open.

However, you should note that you can’t manually update AirTag, as it is done via an over-the-air update when connected to your iPhone or iPad. You must ensure that your AirTag is kept within the range of your ‌‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌‌ or iPad and there’s stable internet connectivity.

Method 9 – Disable Item Security Alerts

If the beeping issue persists, you should consider disabling the “Item Security Alerts” feature, which gets enabled by default in the Find My app when you add AirTag to one of your items. This should keep your AirTag from beeping out of the blue.

However, disabling this will also turn off the alerts when an unknown AirTag gets separated from its owner, which is used to prevent stalking.

Follow these steps to turn off the “Items Security Alerts” on your iPhone.

1. Open the Find My app on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ and switch to the “Me” tab in the bottom-right corner.

The Me tab highlighted on the Find My app.

2. Turn off the “Item Safety Alerts” toggle on this page.

3. Finally, tap “Disable” on the pop-up to confirm your action.

Your AirTag will not beep even when you’re moving with it. This feature is for your item’s security, and turning off the feature may let others track you without you knowing.

Wrapping Up

Using the above methods, you can fix the random beeping or chime issue on your AirTag. If the issue persists, you should contact Apple Care or visit the official or authorised service centre. Remember to use AirTag responsibly, as it helps keep track of our belongings and find them; it should not be used for unethical purposes. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads, and check the ones linked below.

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