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HCL Wins Contract For 14,000 Laptops To Engineering Students For CHiPS

HCL Infosystems proudly announced that they have won the contract of providing the 14,000 laptops free to the engineering in final year and medical students of Chhattisgarh, the contract was given to them by Chhattisgarh Infotech and Biotech Promotion Society (CHiPS). All these engineering students and medical students will be a part of Government aided colleges which will be a part of this program of free laptop distribution.

hcl laptop

The total stock of laptops will be 14,000 and it will have Intel Dual Core processor with 2GB RAM DDR3 and 500 GB hard-disk, apart from this none of any other detail has been mentioned. Obviously these government college are not near to the cities and thus for the service request handling related to these laptops they will be setting up new service centers in those districts for these laptops.

This project has been named as Yuva Suchna Kranti Yojna and as of now this initial step taken by Chhattisgarh government is the first phase of this project. The main reason behind the winning of this project is the possession of one of the largest installation bases of laptops by HCL and they have 1 Regional Office with 7 location Offices which covers the whole state with the help of more than 70 engineers.

We have not been provided with the info of date by which these laptops will be delivered but this will be done soon as this program is for the students who will pursuing their final year in 2013. We will update you with the exact info about these laptops once they are revealed.


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