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Nokia X2 Coming to India By End of June 2014

It isn’t a secret that Microsoft is working on its next phone in the Android AOSP based ‘X’ series which is being referred to as Nokia X2, and now sources at BGR India confirm that Nokia will present this phone in India within Next 3 weeks. Further lending credibility to the information is the fact that the testing units for Nokia X2 (RM-1013) have already reached India.


With Moto E present on the frontline, Nokia X is no longer an attractive proposition for entry level buyers and with new Nokia X2, Nokia will aim to give Moto E a tough fight.  According to the leaks so far, we can expect Nokia X2 will feature 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 dual core SoC backed by 1 GB RAM, which seems to be a prerequisite to stand against Moto E. Device will pack 4 GB of internal storage with MicroSD card slot for further expansion.


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The 4.3 inch display on Nokia X2 is rumored to pack 480 x 800 pixels which is lesser than what is present on Moto E, but not a deal breaker on a 4.3 inch display. Rear camera will now sport a 5 MP sensor and we hope Nokia uses the same sensor that we saw on Lumia 520 and 525.

Since its a Nokia Device, we are assured that build quality will be good. The phone will also bring some much needed improvement to Nokia X, like 1 GB RAM, but will the custom Windows Like Nokia X software Platform match with the latest Android KitKat on Moto E? Meanwhile Samsung is also preparing its Moto E competitor for launch in India. Let’s wait and watch.

Source: BGR India

6 thoughts on “Nokia X2 Coming to India By End of June 2014”

  1. i reccomend u moto e and don’t go for micromax bcoz it is far cheapy and has a less display resolution motorola is a big brand there is no comparison for moto e which offer too much features like gorrilla glass 3 water ressistant screen and powerful processor powered by 1 gb ram and micromax phones have mediatek processor which is ek dum bekaar

  2. sooraj tiwari……mmx service stations are present in my locality bt motorola service centre is not there………………brand wise mmx is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in india and on specs of oth phone leaving the gorilla glass nd splash resistant screen eveything goes in favour of mmx such as quad core processor, better camera, front camera, bigger display, loud volume than moto e …….nd mediatek processors bhi acche hote hai…… i think i have cleared my doubt…

  3. moto e has just got gorilaa glass nd splash resistant.isko chhod ke baaki sab micromax mai hai…….quad core processor, 5 MP camera of good quality with flash, front camera, removable battery, big screen aur service centre in my locality…aur micromax ek indian brand hai aur mediatek processors are very good..not bekaar jo tum bol rahe ho…indian hoke india kaa accha products ko cheap bol rhe [email protected]_tiwari:disqus

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