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Microsoft Surface Mini emerges from Surface 3’s user guide

When Microsoft launched the Surface 3 tablet last month, many were expecting the Surface Mini to be launched alongside it too. It looks like that was the plan too and Microsoft decided to skip the Surface Mini launch at the last minute. Microsoft has just released the user guide for the Surface 3 but it has quite a few references regarding the Surface Mini which all but confirms its presence.

Surface Pro 3 used as an illustration

Surface Pro 3 used as an illustration

Microsoft forgot to edit the user guide it has a slew of references regarding the smaller version of the tablet. Here are some of the references:

  • Before you use your Surface Pen the first time, you’ll need to install the AAAA battery. You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup.
  • Rotate Surface Mini the way you want it.
  • If you want to do more than take a quick handwritten note, unlock Surface Mini.

It has been quite a while  since the Surface 3 launch so the editors back at Microsoft should have done  a better job at editing the guide. The references were majorly around the functionalities of the stylus so if the Surface Mini ever launches (which we think it will in near future), we know that it will share those functionalities with the Surface 3.

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Microsoft probably wants to wait slightly longer before it launches the Surface Mini. It would probably launch the same post the launch of the next generation of the iPad Mini which will happen in September in all likelihood. The Surface 3 costs an arm and a leg (it actually does) and the Surface Mini could help Microsoft bring the Surface experience at a slightly lower point.

With companies trying as much as they can to keep information about the upcoming devices under the wraps, a mistake like this is unexpected from a giant like Microsoft.

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