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eScan Notifes of Self-Replicating Worm that Affects Android Smartphones

Leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution provider eScan notifies users of an Android worm that extends through the text messages. The virus responsible for the same is known ‘Andr/SlfMite-A’ and it was discovered lately that is spreading all through the Android world via text messages.

Andr/SlfMite-A virus initially sends text messages to the user that will include a malicious link. If the users click on this embedded link unknowingly, the virus will b installed easily on the smartphone. Once this virus is downloaded on the device, it will send similar text messages with malicious links to the first 20 contacts on the contact list.


These self-replicating worms send SMS to those numbers stored on the contact list and spread the affects to a slew of users. Surprisingly, Andr/SlfMite-A also shows up on Windows systems and when it is downloaded on the PC it has modifies the browser settings. Consequently, it will automatically redirect the user to a malicious websites irrespective of whatever is entered in the search box.

Such malicious attacks are pretty dangerous as they can reveal the sensitive information stored on the device to criminals leaving the users at risk.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to combat with such attacks. eScan suggests some tips that can keep the users safe from such self-replicating worms and they are listed below.

  • Anti-virus software should be installed on Android smartphones.
  • Download of any application from untrusted sources other than Google Play Store should be avoided.
  • Opening of any suspicious SMS web-links is strictly prohibited.
  • Mysterious SMS from any of the contacts should be confirmed before opening.
  • Deleting the suspicious looking messages immediately is a good step.

eScan has developed Mobile Security applications for both smartphones and tablets to keep the devices safe without any malicious attacks.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.