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TYLT Launches Wireless Charging Accessories for Smartphones

As wireless charging is becoming popular, accessory maker TYLT that is a leader in the portable power and wireless charging segment has come up with two new accessories. The VU Wireless Charging Car Mount that is a hands-free car mount that can transform into a wireless charger as well. The other one is the VU SOLO that is a compact single coil wireless charging pad. Both the accessories launched by TYLT will be made available by the end of 2014 and they will be compatible with the new Motorola Droid Turbo for Verizon Wireless, Lumia 830 and Nexus 6 smartphones.


To detail on the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount, device will charge the smartphone soon as the latter is placed on it without any plugging. There are three overlaid charging coils that make sure that the smartphone is connected and charging irrespective of its size or orientation. There are spring loaded arms that grip the phone with up to 5.7 inch displays securely. All the user has to do is mount the Wireless Charging Car Mount on the dashboard or windshield and position the smartphone with 180 degree rotating mount.


On the other hand, the VU SOLO comes with its patent pending alignment ledge that is a marker that will show where to place the device in order to align it with the single Qi coil for charging. The device can be charged with any micro USB cable and it will provide 1 Ampere charge and 5 watts of power to the device. There is an anti-slip silicone surface, inbuilt ventilation, micro gel suction base and 5 foot charging cable. There is a physical marker which tells you exactly to place your device.


The VU Wireless Charging Car Mount and VU SOLO are priced at $79.99 and $39.99 respectively.

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