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Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass 4, Twice as Damage Resistant to Drops on Rough Surfaces

Corning has announced its next generation of its popular display cover glass – The Gorilla Glass 4, which is twice as resistant to damage compared to its predecessor. Gorilla Glass 3 was extremely resistant to scratches and the new Gorilla Glass will take this many steps further.


Gorilla Glass has been widely adopted by all major brands and phones with Gorilla Glass 3 are available in all price segment. This in itself certifies that consumers appreciate and prioritize this protection layer on their precious gadget displays.

While Gorilla Glass 3 is good enough to protect your display against scratches from occasional contact with sharp objects, the Gorilla Glass 4 will focus more against ‘Drops’.


The company dropped Gorilla Glass 4 from a height of 1 Meter on rough terrains and the glass could successfully handle the impact 80 percent of the time and proved to be twice as strong and durable Than Gorilla Glass 3 in this regards.

Corning admits that glass is far from unbreakable, but it’s a big leap towards making our displays almost unbreakable. The biggest competitor is of course the Saphire. Here is what Cliff Hund, president of Corning East Asia has to say,

“When it comes to visible scratch resistance, sapphire is top of the line. But introduce even slight damage or stress, and sapphire trails Gorilla by quite a bit in durability from that point on. When you line up all the things that consumers are interested in, the Gorilla exceeds in more of them than any other material at this point in time,”

While the Gorilla Glass 4 isn’t perfect, and Corning admits there is room for much improvement, but you can expect it to be a significant part of all next year flagship phones.

Corning Gorilla Glass 4: Sneak Attacks [Official Video]


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