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Measure the Amount of Current flowing in your Smartphone

We all have used different chargers with our smartphone and we have always faced the dilemma of finding out that which one was the fastest in charging our mobile. Now we have a solution for this problem which is known as Ampere. This application will help you to find out the rate at which your mobile is getting charged with respect to a certain charger. You just need to make sure that your smartphone has Android version of 4.3 or above and then plugin your charger after installing this application.

It will take its time to measure the amount of current being thrown in by that charger and then it will also calculate the amount of discharging being done by your phone at the same time. It will deduct the discharging value from the charging value and will show you the final rate at which your smartphone is getting charged. This value may not highly accurate but it will definitely help you to compare the chargers and find out the better one.

Measure the Amount of Current (mA) is charging your smartphone

Open the application you will see that the application is actually measuring the rate at which your smartphone is getting charged. As mentioned above, it will perform those calculations and put a value in front of you.


You won’t have to keep this application opened while it measure the charging value, it will keep on operating in background. You will see the proof of this in your notification bar (as mentioned below in the snapshot).

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When you will remove the charger and open this application, then it will show the rate at which it is getting discharged. This figure when divides by the battery strength of your smartphone (available in mAh) will give you a rough idea that how long will it take for your battery to completely die if you kept on using the smartphone at the same discharging rate.


It will also let you know if you a charger is actually overloading the charging point on your smartphone thus alerting you not use that charge with your smartphone ever again.


There is a common problem with this application for the Lollipop users. If this application is not able to track any kind of current on your smartphone and it shows ‘0’ all the time, then you are required go to the Settings option and the choose ‘Old Measurement Method’. This will help the application to perform in perfect on those devices.

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This application will come in really handy for your smartphone, especially when you are on a long trip and want to speed up the charging rate and delay the discharging rate by taking the relevant measures. Let us know your feedback and opinion about this application and stay tuned to know more about such features available in the Android smartphone world.