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5 Ways to Add Floating Navigation Menu on Android

Being able to easily navigate on your Android device is one of the things that every user wants. At times, there might be situations when you don’t find easy access to your navigation, be it just a back or home button, or quick way to access your frequently used apps. To solve such a problem, there are many Android applications available out there. Here we have compiled a list of 5 such applications that can assist you. Keep in mind that some of these ways or applications might require you to root your device in order to work.

Lazy Swipe (No Root Required)

Lazy Swipe for Android









Lazy Swipe is a popular Android application in the Google Play Store. It allows you to add a simple swipe gesture to your phone either from the bottom left or the bottom right and it will show you all applications and most frequently used applications in a sorted manner. It also gives you quick access to your settings with the use of just one hand. It’s really popular with users who use phones with large screen sizes. Download it from the Google Play Store today.


  • Does not require you to root your device
  • Easily accessible on the bottom left or right for use


  • Does not you allow you to change position from the 2 specified locations
  • Does not support replacement for physical capacitive buttons like back, home or recent apps

Button Savior (No Root Required)

Button Savior














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Button Savior is a small yet powerful application developed by an XDA Forum member. This application allows you to have floating navigation buttons on your device, which can be used along with physical capacitive buttons on your device. The application provides buttons like back, home, recent applications, power and more. The best part is that this application also does not require you to root your device. The application is available on the Google Play Store and as well on the XDA forum.


  • No Root Required
  • Features a lot of options in the free version as well like camera, volume control, power control etc.
  • It can be positioned anywhere on the edge of the screen


  • Does not support adding custom applications and shortcuts in the free version

Floating Soft Keys (Root Required)













Floating Soft Keys is another application by an XDA member. It allows you to add customizable soft keys to your device and floats them on the device. The soft keys that it places are resizable and allows a lot more customization than any other application on this list. The floating navigation menu is movable on the screen, and will stay on top of all other windows. The only downside to this awesome application is that it requires your phone to be rooted. Find this application on Google Play Store or over at the official XDA thread.


  • A good replacement for Physical Capacitive buttons, or even on-screen buttons
  • Allows different themes for the buttons to be displayed


  • It requires the phone to be rooted
  • Does not allow adding custom applications to the list

Back Button (No Root Required)

Back Button














Back Button is an Android application that comes directly over your softkey navigation menu or at the bottom of your screen. It has quite a few unique features, including the display of battery, date and time at the bottom of your screen. It allows you to have a few buttons down there, which includes the back button, home button, recent apps button and a button to pull down the navigation bar for you. It is available on the Google Play Store.


  • No Root required
  • Displays additional information like Battery, date and time
  • A good replacement for on-screen buttons with additional notification bar access button


  • The position is fixed at the bottom of the screen and it overlaps the existing on-screen buttons at the bottom

Floating Toucher (No Root Required)

Floating Toucher














Floating Toucher is an application like the Lazy Swipe. It adds a floating button to your device, you can choose the position by moving it around. It allows you to add certain shortcuts for apps and settings toggle that you use frequently. It will add them in a circular form as shown in the image below. It is a really productivity-boosting application that you can use on your Android smartphone. It is available on the Google Play Store.


  • No Root required
  • Allows you to select applications to display in the access area
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the entire screen


  • The free version is ad-supported and can be annoying at times

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We just listed out various applications that you can use to add floating navigation menu or buttons to your Android smartphone. Do let us know which way you liked the most and why in the comments section below. Also, be sure to let us know any other workaround that you think is better than the ones listed above.

Aneesh Bhatnagar

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