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5 Tips To Find Spot With Strong Wifi Signal From Android

The internet is one thing that we can not live without in today’s world. We need it to do practically everything in our lives. These tasks can range from checking an email or reading this article to just knowing today’s weather. WiFi in specific is what people prefer these days more than wired Internet because it’s just easier to use your device like that. Now connecting your device to your WiFi is easy, but to get the best signal on your device is a bit tricky. You need to find that sweet spot in the house where you get the best WiFi. Here are a few tips on how you can do that on your Android device.

WiFi Analyzer App

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is an Android application that lists all the WiFi networks around your current position and tell you the strength of each WiFi network. It also allows you to see a detailed description of the WiFi network you desire by listing out the strength and other important factors for a WiFi network. It is available for free on the Google Play Store.


  • The Application has a simple interface
  • It lists out 2.4GHz networks as well as 5GHz networks in different screens
  • Lists out the Channel number for each individual network

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Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer App

Wifi booster

The WiFi Booster & Easy Analyzer is an Android application which does pretty much what the name suggests. It helps you to boost your WiFi internet speed and analyze various WiFi networks. Using this application is simple. You just turn on the application and it will show you the strength of the WiFi network right there and can be used to check the strength at various places in your house. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store.


  • The application provides an easy interface to monitor all the WiFi networks
  • It allows quick-connect to various WiFi networks


  • It does not display the extensive information like the WiFi Analyzer App

WiFi Signal Strength App

WiFi Signal Strength

This is another Android application that helps you find the WiFi Signal strength of your WiFi network. It also lists out other WiFi networks that are interfering with your WiFi network, just so that you can change your channel if you wish to. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store.


  • It sorts the WiFi networks based on channel
  • It displays interfering networks


  • It does not show a visual representation like the WiFi Analyzer app

Switch to 2.4GHz band for better Range

WiFi routers transmit WiFi in two different ranges, the 2.4GHz range and the 5GHz range. 2.4GHz travels to a far distance as compared to the 5GHz one. Thus, if your phone is connected to the 5GHz network, it might have a weaker strength. Go to your phone’s WiFi Settings and in Advance, choose 2.4GHz networks only. This will allow your phone to connect to the 2.4GHz by default. Though if you want to do some high-quality content or game streaming, 5GHz is recommended and you should switch back to it if you need.

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Check your smartphone case

This tip may seem dumb to you at first, but I’ve tested this out myself. It does not help you to find a good WiFi spot but helps you to increase WiFi reception on your device. A lot of smartphone covers that we use have some metallic part on them, like a kickstand or something. Such metallic objects can obstruct WiFi reception on your Android smartphone. Try removing your cover and then try the WiFi Analyzer app on your phone. It might give you a better result.


I just listed out a few tips and apps that you can use on your Android smartphone to find the best WiFi spot available in your work area or house. There may be a lot of other ways to figure this out. If you happen to know any more such tips or apps, feel free to share that with us in the comments section below.