Our smartphones are very much vulnerable to water and perhaps all kinds of damage. Nowadays, waterproof phones have trickled down to mid-range segment and If you are considering buying a waterproof phone, here are some reasons asserting why you should.

Wash Your Phones For Better Hygiene


Smartphones are our constant companions and most of us even carry them to the toilet. They are exposed to dirt, sweat, germs from your hands and others and what not. Over a period of time, your phones can get real dirty. Just like you clean your hands before a meal, the option to wash your Dirtyphones under water and clean them with a microfiber cloth will go a long way in improving your health and personal hygiene.

  • Phones accumulate loads of germs in daily course of usage. Stats claim they are dirtier than your toilet seats.
  • Waterproof phones can be washed and cleaned which goes a long way in improving your hygine



Waterproofing also adds to the convenience of using your smartphone. You can attend calls when you are fresh out of the shower or are still bathing. I could read kindle books under water, using volume keys to flip pages and listen to music without any wrinkles on my forehead. This is liberating and removes several restrictions on way you use and enjoy your device.

  • It is liberating to be able to use your phone near water or under shower
  • Waterproofing removes a major hindrance to the way you enjoy your smartphones

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The best part about waterproof phones is the safety and peace of mind they offer. You don’t know if the rain will start pouring when you are out on your evening stroll. Or you may accidentally spill a cup of coffee or perhaps drop them in lavatory. Point being, our smartphones are exposed to liquid threats all the time in all aspects of our daily lives. Statistics claims most people are susceptible to encounter water damage sooner or later. With water proof phones you can relax and just not care.

  • Most users are expected to face smartphone damage sooner or later
  • Waterproof phones are simply safer to use
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Exercise Friendly


If you are into fitness activities, waterproof also means sweat proof to you. You can take your phone along with you while jogging and when you get all sweaty, you can still attend calls and play with your phone. If you run outdoors, you can carry your phone with you even in rainy season and since most water proof phones are also dust proof, you are pretty much covered for every climate.

  • You don’t have to worry about sweat damage

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Underwater Photography


Another advantage is underwater photography. If your phone is waterproof and has a dedicated shutter key, you can go ahead and click some cool snaps when diving in a swimming pool. We advise you to practice caution and double check all flaps on the phone and carry your swimming goggles, but yes, underwater photography is another cool option for smartphone photography enthusiasts.

  • Waterproof phones provides option for underwater photography, which is something smartphone photography enthusiasts will appreciate


It is about time all smartphones get waterproofing out of the box. This makes your phone lot more durable and protected against day-to-day threats. How has your experience been with waterproof smartphones? Share with us in the comment section below.