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Looking To Buy A Bluetooth Keyboard?!

Some of you might be wondering if a Bluetooth keyboard is just another term for a Wireless keyboard. If you’re nodding along, well, it isn’t.

While Bluetooth is certainly a form of Wireless technology, it is different in many ways. Wireless keyboards usually come with a receiver or a small USB dongle and only work with each other whereas Bluetooth keyboards work with any Bluetooth enabled device which is usually a built-in feature. Another feature is that Wireless keyboards tend to work with just one device whereas Bluetooth keyboards can connect to more than one device.

If you’re somebody who’s uncomfortable with the cramped on-screen keyboard on your tablet / smartphone or you find yourself constantly juggling between multiple devices to send a text, send email or respond to the countless messages on your various messenger services, a Bluetooth keyboard would make your life easier!

Here’s a look at some of the Bluetooth keyboards that you could consider –


Announced by LG a few days ago, the ROLLY is a keyboard that rolls into a neat compact box and while it doesn’t look pocket-sized, it can easily fit into a bag.


As you can tell from the image above, the Rolly is a 4-row QWERTY keyboard and the missing numbers and function keys can be accessed by using the Function or FN key together with another key. It comes with built-in stands to hold your tablet in place while you type away.

The Rolly can be paired with two devices simultaneously although we are yet to confirm if it can support iOS devices. Price information is currently unavailable and more information should be available by sometime next week during the IFA 2015 event being held in Berlin.

iBall Mystic BT06

iBall has two Bluetooth keyboards available (the other one is called the Mini BlueKey) but the Mystic BT06 is better because it comes with USB charging as opposed to the Bluekey’s AAA batteries.

iBall Mystic BT06

While the site lists the Mystic BT06 as being compatible with tablets running Android, Windows and iOS, it doesn’t state if the Keyboard can be paired with multiple devices at the same time. It features the Media & Volume Control keys and its responsiveness is positive.

The iBall Mystic BT06 is priced at 1,999 INR on their website although you could get it for less on any of the online shopping sites.

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Microsoft Wedge

Microsoft launched their Wedge Mobile Keyboard a few years ago and is arguably one of the best keyboards when it comes to responsiveness although that’s a matter of perspective really. The Wedge comes with a cover that not only powers off the device when snapped back on but it also acts as a stand for your tablet which is a neat feature.

Microsoft Wedge

Primarily designed for Windows 7 & Windows 8 systems, the Wedge is also compatible with Android and iOS devices although we cannot confirm if the keyboard can be paired with multiple devices simultaneously. The Wedge comes with a set of Media-control keys which let you play, pause etc straight from the keyboard along with the Volume control options. It requires two AAA batteries and does not support USB charging.

Priced at 4,200 INR (as per Flipkart which is where the Microsoft site redirects you to), this may seem a tad expensive considering the alternatives available in the market today.

Logitech K480

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a well-designed keyboard that is compatible with Android, Windows, Chrome OS and iOS and supports 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Logitech K480

As you can see, the K480 comes with a slot for you to keep your Smartphone or Tablet (upto 10 inches wide) while you type away on the keyboard and is quite ergonomically designed. Switching between devices is a simple twist of the knob. There are several keys that come pre-programmed like Search, Play, Next, Volume controls etc which make controlling your device a breeze. The Logitech K480 comes with 2 AAA batteries, it would have been nice if there were USB charging available though. Priced at a reasonable 2, 795 INR, the Logitech K480 is our favourite at the moment!

If you know of another Bluetooth Keyboard that’s available in India that deserves to be on this list, drop us a note! If you agree/disagree with our comments, we’d love to hear from you!