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Lenovo Vibe Shot Question Answer FAQ- Doubts Cleared

Lenvo’s Vibe Shot, the Chinese company’s smartphone/camera hybrid is now launched in India. While the concept behind the Vibe Shot isn’t new – Samsung has been doing it for years with their K Zoom and Galaxy Camera – but Lenovo’s trying to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise the phone part of the equation. Lenovo launched its camera-centric smartphone in India. We tried our hand on the device and found answers for some of your basic quieries.  Lenovo Vibe Shot Specs

  • Display Size:5 Inch IPS LCD Display with 1920 x 1080p HD Resolution, 441 ppi
  • Processor:8 GH GHz octa core Snaodragon 615
  • RAM:3 GB
  • Software Version:Android 5.1 lollipop
  • Camera:16 MP rear camera
  • Secondary Camera: 8 MP
  • Internal Storage: 32GB
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 128 GB
  • Battery:2900 mAh
  • Connectivity: 3G/4G LTE, HSPA+, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n, Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP, GPS,  Dual SIM

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Question – Does Lenovo Vibe Shot have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer – Yes, Vibe Shot has Gorilla Glass 3 layered on the display.

Question – How is the Display on Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Answer – The display has 1080p full HD resolution; the display has excellent colour reproduction and lively colours, exactly what you’d want from a device that puts imaging front and center. Viewing angles are also excellent, credits to the IPS display.

Question – How is the Design and Build Quality?

Answer – To make a phone feel like a camera, it has to first look like one. The Vibe Shot manages to do just the same, with a design that kind of resembles as a phone-camera crossover. The build quality is good, much like Lenovo’s other phones, and the Vibe Shot sports a aluminum frame with chamfered edges. Although, the shiny back panel acts as a fingerprint magnet. The phone looks premium and has a solid built.

Question – What is the SAR Value?

Answer – At the Head: 0.7 W/kg, Body: 1.0 W/kg

Question – Is there any heating issue in Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Answer – We haven’t experience any abnormal heating so far even after prolong photography sessions. With gaming, the handset tends to heat up but never gets unbearably hot.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer – 1.5 A Charger, USB cable, documentation, headphones and a screen guard will be included in the box.

Question – What size SIM card is supported?

Answer – Both SIM card slots accept micro SIM.

Question – Are the capacitive navigation keys backlit?

Answer – Yes, The Vibe Shot features backlid capacitive navigation key.

Question – Does it have LED notification light?

Answer – Yes, LED notification light is present.

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer – Out of 32 GB, around 25 GB is available at user end

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Question – How much is free RAM on first boot?

Answer – Out of 3 GB, more than 1.7 GB free RAM is available on first boot.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer –  . The Vibe Shot uses a 16-megapixel rear camera, with BSI and an IR laser focus system as well as a triple LED flash for more natural looking photos in the dark. The front camera performs really well. Unfortunately, you’re not given a preview of some of the settings (mainly shutter speed and ISO) so you won’t have an idea what your shot will look like until you actually take it.

The 8 MP front camera produces decent images, the quality is not very unusual or extraordinary. Wide angle selfie mode available in the device is quite fun to use.

Question – How is the camera UI?


Answer – The camera UI is very basic in the auto mode but changes drastically when you switch to pro mode. The pro mode shows grids and the ISO, white balance, focus, aperture for manual adjustment. The UI is easy to use and offers a lot of photo modes to have fun with.

Question – How is the performance?


Answer – Performance has been very smooth so far. Snapdragon 615 with 3 GB RAM on the Vibe Shot can handle everything you through at it without a sweat. No lags or hiccups noticed during our initial tests. The Vibe Shot scored 40671 in AnTuTu benchmark test and 58.5 fps in Nenamark.

Question – How many sensors does Lenovo Vibe Shot have?

Screenshot_2015-09-23-21-08-11-015 (1)

Answer – Lenovo Vibe Shot includes Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light sensors

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is fast. Digital compass is also present.

Question – How loud is Loudspeaker?

Answer – Loudspeaker loudness is average. Though speakers are on the bottom, it produces clear and crisp output.

Question – How is the battery backup?

Answer – During our initial testing we found the battery to be pretty good. The backup is satisfying if you are not an aggressive user. Although, the charging is a little slow.

Questions –Does it support double tap to unlock?

Answer –Yes, option to double tap and wake the screen is available and works well.

Questions –Is there NFC on Lenovo Vibe Shot?

Answer – No NFC has not been included. One cited “most people don’t use it” as the reason for its omission.

Questions –Is the Pro-Mode really useful for manual photography?

Answer – Pro Mode does make a difference, which you can switch to by flicking the switch on the side of the Vibe Shot. Once in manual mode, you’re given the options to mess with several settings, including focus, white balance, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. Unfortunately, you’re not given a preview of some of the settings (mainly shutter speed and ISO) so you won’t have an idea what your shot will look like until you actually take it.

It is not fully manual as it seems but it surely has a lot of features to play with.

Questions –Is 4G LTE supported in India?

Answer –Yes, 4G LTE will be supported in India.


Overall, the Lenovo Vibe shot specs are impressive and read more like a dedicated digital compact camera than a phone. But its phone capabilities are top-notch as well. The Vibe Shot is a sophisticated looking smartphone with a good camera to match.

It may lack in some sectors if compared to other smartphones available in the similar price range. As the Vibe Shot is a distinctive offering for the buyers, smartphone photography enthusiasts may fall for this device for its camera features.


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