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Motorola Moto X Style FAQ, Pros, Cons, User Queries, Answers

Motorola has announced multiple versions of its flagship Moto X smartphones in 2015, the first announcement was about the Moto X Play, and the second is the latest Moto X Style.

Moto X Style

The Moto X Style comes at a higher price than the Moto X play but it definitely offers a set of improved specs in it. It Seems like Motorola has been listening acutely to the consumer feedback from their foregoing devices. The Moto X Style definitely makes a positive impression, as far as specs are considered. Let’s have a look inside the device and find answers to the most common consumer queries.

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Moto X Style Pros

  • Great Display
  • Fast Charging Battery
  • Good Camera

Moto X Style Cons

  • Battery Not User Replacable
  • No Fingerprint Scanner

Moto X Style Quick Specifications

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Moto X Style Questions, Answers, Opinions, Features

Question- How is Design and Build Quality?

Answer- The Moto X Style has choices for back cover which includes silicon plastic, leather or wood. The plastic feels good on the back of the phone, where the leather provides a firm grim and great feel to the phone. The variety of back cover options definitely adds up to the customization factor. Like Moto X second generation it has curved back which sits comfortably in your palm. The phone is solid just like the other Moto X models and looks well finished.

Moto X Style Photo Gallery

Moto X Style Camera Samples

Question- Does Moto X Style Have Dual SIM Slots?

Answer- Yes, it supports Dual Nano SIM.

Question- Does Moto X Style Have Memory Expansion? How?

Answer- Yes, the memory can be expanded up to 128 GB via microSD.

Question- Does Moto X Style Have Display Glass Protection?

Answer- Yes, the Moto X Style is protected with Gorilla Glass 3.

Question- How Good or Bad is Display of Moto X Style?

Answer- The 5.7 inch display delivers pixel density of 515ppi. The apps and icons looked sharp and the display is bright and vibrant. It has good viewing angles and produces punchy colours on screen. Motorola fixes a IPS display in place of AMOLED display this time unlike the predecessors.

Question- Does Moto X Style Support Adaptive Brightness?

Answer- Yes, it has adaptive brightness support.

Question- Are Moto X Style Capacitive Buttons Backlit and Placement?

Answer- Moto X Style features on-screen touch navigation which are located at the bottom the giant display.

Question- Which OS Version, Type Runs on Phone?

Answer- It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, it is ready to support Android Marshmallow update.

Question- Is there any Finger Print Sensor, How Good or Bad It Is?

Answer- No, there is no fingerprint sensor available on this phone.

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in Moto X Style?

Answer- Yes, it does support Fast Charging.

Question- How Much Free Internal Available Storage is Provided to User?

Answer- Out of 16 GB 9.15 GB is available for users.

Question- Can Apps be Moved to SD card on Moto X Style?

Answer- Yes, the downloaded apps can be moved to the SDcard

Question- How Much Bloatware Apps are Preinstalled, Can They Be Removed?

Answer-  We did not notice much bloatware apart from regular Motorola apps which again are not much in terms of occupied storage.

Question- How Much RAM free Available on the first Boot?

Answer- Out of 3 GB around 2.2 GB of RAM is available after the first boot.

Question- Does it have LED notification light?

Answer- No, it does not have a LED notification light; instead it offers you the Moto Display which can show you the sneak peak of your notifications even when the display is off.

Question- Does it support USB OTG?

Answer- Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Question- Moto X Style Benchmark Scores?
Answer- Antutu – 53240
Nenamark – 58.4 fps

Question- How is The User Interface on The Moto X Style?

Answer- The UI is fast, smooth, and snappy like the UI in previous Moto X versions. It is easy to operate even for first timers. Great to use, no lags and bugs recorded during the initial test.

Question- How Loud is The Loudspeaker?

Answer- Like always Moto has jammed the speaker grills on the front panel to make no compromise with the sound output. The sound quality is good and it has good loudness.

Question- How Good is The Camera Quality of The Moto X Style?

Answer- The camera quality is quite commendable, with the new camera technology introduced in Moto X Style, it takes a big leap over the camera found in previous models. The 21MP camera doesn’t just carries high megapixels in it, it does give us quality shots while shooting. One of the most amazing thing on this phone is its camera.

Question- Can Moto X Style Play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer- Yes, it is capable of playing Full HD videos.

Question- How is Battery Backup on Moto X Style?

Answer- This device features 3000 mAh battery which is more than enough to run for a day once charged. During our initial testing it showed amazing results.

Question- What Color Variants Available for Moto X Style?

Answer – White and Black color variants will be available.

Question- Which Sensors, GPU Info, Effective Display Resolution?

Answer- It includes Accelerometer, Calibrated Magnetic field sensor, Orientation sensor, Ambient light sensor and Proximity sensor.

Question- How Many Gestures Supported in Moto X Style?

Answer- Flip to activate camera, chop-chop ( Shake 2 Times ) to activate Flash light etc.

Question- How Many User Interface Themes Options?

Answer- It comes with almost stock Android like UI, which does not have any themes to select from, but you do have wallpaper options.

Question- Does it Support Double Tap to Wake Up?

Answer- Yes, it supports Double Tap to wake Up.

Question- SAR Value of Moto X Style?

Answer- 0.79 W/kg (head)

Question- Does It Support Voice Wake up Commands?

Answer- Yes, it supports voice wake up commands.

Question- Does Moto X Style Have Heating Issues?

Answer- We did not experience any unusual heating during our initial testing and overview.

Question- Can Moto X Style be connected to a Bluetooth Headset?

Answer- Yes, it can be connected to a Bluetooth headsets.

Question- Moto X Style Gaming Performance?

Answer- Gaming on this device feels amazing, as games like Asphalt 8 and Nova 3 perform seamlessly on this device.

Question- Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?

Answer- Yes, you can create a personal hotspot and share internet from this device.


Motorola Moto X Style is a great deal at its price considering the specs, built quality etc. The phone packs a solid set of CPU inside and performs evenly well. This device has a great camera and amazing display. Those who have a love for Moto can consider this device without a second thought. This flagship device impressed us and takes an extra point with the camera.