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Lenovo Vibe P1 Camera Quick Review, Photo, Video Samples

Lenovo’s latest phone, the Vibe P1 is a battery-beast with a gargantuan 5000 mAh unit at its heart. While our quick review and accompanying comparisons are ready, we wanted to dive deeper into the camera of the Vibe P1 and have a look at what the phone has to offer.

Please Note: This camera review is based on our first impressions we formed while inspecting the phone. A detailed analysis will be possible after we use the phone extensively over a sustained period of time.

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Lenovo Vibe P1 Hands-On Video

Camera Hardware

The camera of the Vibe P1 on the rear is a 13MP unit with the front camera being a 5MP one. This means the 13 MP shooter is capable of outputting 4128 x 3096 pixels. A dual-LED flash accompanies the rear optics; one that employs a dual-tone illumination model-the hue of the flash adapts to the ambient lighting. Additionally, the Vibe P1 also supports phase detection autofocu, a technology that helps the camera focus faster, depending on whether the subject is in phase or out of phase.

Camera UI

The camera app of the Lenovo Vibe P1 was responsive and intuitive. Just like on the P1m, all modes were easily accessible and reachable. Focus speeds were fast and accurate. We faced no problems or instability with the app in our use.


Camera Performance

The pictures we clicked are indicative of the fact that the P1 has a camera that is easily above its price class. The front camera performed completely satisfactorily. Conflicting light sources did turn out to be a problem though but this isn’t anything that is new or unique to this segment. Plenty of detail was captured and colour accuracy was on point.

The rear camera, probably the more important one out of the two, had a similar story-a satisfactory shooter with its shortcomings not being a sore point. Colour and accuracy was on par with other cameras in this range and the P1’s camera favours real, natural colours to artificially over-saturating the image to make it look pleasing. Phase detection autofocus does help the phone out quite a bit; however the shortcoming faced here is the camera’s tendency to occasionally produce hazy shots when held in an unstable hand.


The P1 performs on par and, in some situations, better, than the competition in its price bracket. We were very happy with the image quality of this phone and would definitely recommend it to any prospective customers. Needless to say, the camera will certainly not disappoint you.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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