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HTC Desire 828 Camera Review

With the introduction of the HTC Desire 828, HTC look to make its budget offering stronger and offer a competitive smartphone in today’s crowded midrange smartphone category. We wanted to pit its camera under our test and see how well the Desire 828 fairs. Lets dive right in.

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HTC Desire 828 Camera Hardware

The Desire 828 has a 13 MP camera with LED flash that take take photos in a 4160 x 3120 pixel matrix. A pleasant surprise here is the inclusion of Optical Image Stabilization that should aid in clicking good photos in low light situations and even lend to a steadier shot in videos. The front camera is a 4 MP unit with 2µm pixels. Its literal translation should mean that self portraits should not be limited by low light since each pixel captures more light.

HTC Desire 828 Gallery

HTC Desire 828 Camera UI

The software on the HTC Desire 828 is regular old HTC software. This means that the practiced competency that HTC has perfected is present here and that shows in the neatly sorted icons and easily understandable and distinguishable icons. Overall, we are very pleased with HTC’s camera UI and you probably will be too.


HTC Desire 828 Camera Samples

HTC Desire 828 Camera Performance

The front camera performs well and the same that can be said about the rear camera as well. The rear camera had high sharpness to its shots and good clarity but lacked accurate color reproduction and depth of field. As a result, you would find some of the camera samples look a little milky, even in properly lit situations. If a sharp picture is what you set out for, however, this camera won’t let you down. The front camera has a similar story although it does have the advantage of capturing more light, compared to its peers in this price bracket.


The Desire 828 has an good camera performance and while it wont be a sore-point for users, it also wont be an outstanding contender. If cameras are your primary deciding factors for purchasing a smartphone, you should give this one a pass. However, if you are a fan of HTC’s build and software design choices, you can easily rely on the camera on the Desire 828 to produce considerable outputs with its camera system.

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