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3 Awesome Things Which Make New Google Glass Much Better Than Before

Google Glass is a unique wearable device that Google had come up with some time back, but it was never made public for anyone to buy. Even when it was available to be purchased, the cost of the device was pretty steep, in the neighbourhood of USD 1500. Only a few enthusiasts and developers got their hands on such a wearable.

Google Glass Enterprise

Recently, we have seen a few leaks that suggest that the next version of the Google glass will be made available soon, and will be available to anyone who wants to try it out. There are a few advancements that are visible in the next version and here are the best 3 of those things, summarised for you.

A Larger Prism

The new Google Glass consists of a larger Prism, which means that the size of the display that the user sees will be larger. This was one of the requested features by early adopters of Google Glass. It is still unknown at this time what resolution will this display pack, but it will definitely be larger than the previous one.

Foldable Design

A problem with the original Google Glass was that it did not have a foldable design and hence it was very difficult for people to carry it around. Not many people bought it anyway, but the ones who did faced this problem a lot and had requested Google to build a design that could be folded just like regular glasses, and it seems that Google has taken that into consideration by providing a foldable design with this new Google Glass that has just surfaced.

Better Performance, Battery and under the hood changes

As it is with a new device, better performance and battery compared to the older version are a must and the next edition of the Google Glass is no exception. According to the leaks, the device packs an Intel Atom Processor, and a larger battery that will definitely be noticed by the users. Along with this, the device will also come with the ability to connect to 5GHz internet bands, and the heat dissipation in the device has been made better.


Google Glass

The Google Glass “Enterprise Edition” has certainly seen many new features that will make it stand apart from the older version, even though it looks pretty much the same as the older version of Google Glass. Let us wait for Google to officially announce the Google Glass so we can know the exact new features of the device. Remember to stay subscribed to GadgetsToUse to get this coverage as soon as it happens.



Aneesh Bhatnagar

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