LG G5 FAQ, Features, Comparison & Photos – All You need to know

Yesterday at the Mobile World Congress, LG announced their latest flagship, the LG G5. Along with the phone, they launched a few accessories that they are calling the LG Friends. These accessories will be able to enhance the functionality of the LG G5 to some extent. Today, in this article, let’s discuss the features and new accessories launched by LG under the LG Friends tag, along with answering the frequently asked questions about the LG G5.

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LG G5 Specifications

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LG G5 First Impressions, Good and Bad [Video]

LG G5 Competition and Comparison

The LG G5 is going to have a lot of worthy competitors this year. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will definitely compete with the LG G5 because both are flagship smartphones from two leading smartphone manufacturers.

Another great competitor for the LG G5 will be the Xiaomi Mi5 that will also be launched at the MWC this year, later this week. That will compete with the LG G5 in a way that they both will feature the same Snapdragon 820 processor.

LG G5 Photo Gallery

LG G5 Key features

The LG G5 comes with an interesting modular design, which allows you to replace the modules in the phone for additional functionality. This feature has opened up the possibilities of accessories with your smartphone. LG has already announced two modules that you can buy with the smartphone, the LG CAM Plus and the Hi-Fi module.

The LG G5 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, coupled with 4GB of RAM. On the storage side of things, the phone features 32GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded up to 200GB via a dedicated microSD card slot.

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The camera on the phone is also something that is interesting. It is a dual sensor camera, with LED flash. The primary camera on the rear of the device features a 16-megapixel camera and another 8-megapixel camera. These account for a wide field of view for the camera of the smartphone. The secondary camera on the phone is an 8-megapixel shooter that should take great pictures!

LG Friends

LG G5 Friends

LG announced six accessories for the LG G5, and collectively LG is calling them LG Friends. These accessories include 360 CAM, 360VR, Rolling Bot, Tone Platinum, Smart Controller and H3 by B&O Play.

The LG 360 CAM is an accessory that will improve the camera performance of the LG G5. It comes with two 13 megapixel wide angle cameras, 1200mAh battery and 4GB of internal storage for storing all your images. The LG 360 VR is a VR accessory, just as the name suggests. It is an accessory that can be used to watch VR content on the go, exclusively on the LG G5. It is a pair of goggles that can be folded and carried as well. The 360 VR is compatible with Google Cardboard Content as well.

Rolling Bot is a ball-shaped camera that rolls around the house, capturing images with its 8-megapixel camera, connected to the LG G5 via WiFi. Tone Platinum is a Bluetooth headset by LG that is expected to have a premium sound, just as you would expect from something like the Harman Kardon Platinum. This headset comes with 24-bit lossless audio support that allows you to play sound at an awesome quality.

Smart Controller is the next accessory. It is a tool using which you can control drones directly using your LG G5 and stream video directly to the phone from the drone. And the last accessory that they have launched is called H3 by B&O Play. This is a pair of high-end earphones that deliver 32-bit sound. And unlike the Tone Platinum, this will work with all LG smartphones.

Along with all these accessories, LG has told us that there will be other devices coming in the near future as well, and they will be tagged as LG Companion, but as of now, only these 6 accessories are available.

LG G5 User Queries and Answers

Question: When is the LG G5 coming to India?
Answer: There has not been any official announcement from the company regarding the official launch of this phone in India, but according to a few sources, the phone may launch in India by April.

Question: What is the price for the LG G5?
Answer: The company has not revealed any official pricing for the phone at the time of writing this article, but since it is a flagship offering from the company, it is not expected to be priced cheap.

Question: Will there be any heating issues on the phone?
Answer: It is really hard to say if there will be any heating issues with the device at this stage, but Qualcomm claims that their new Snapdragon 820 processor does not produce that much heat as much their Snapdragon 810 did.

Question: Will the extra modules be available for free along with the phone?
Answer: No, the additional modules that LG has launched under the LG Friends branding will not be available for free with the smartphone. They will need to be purchased separately.

Question: What all modules are available at this point?
Answer: Yesterday, LG launched 2 modules for the LG G5. One is called the CAM Plus, that allows you to take better pictures. It adds additional grip to the phone and a shutter button to click pictures easily. The other one is called the Hi-Fi module, and that allows the phone to be connected to any Hi-Fi system easily.

Question: What is the always-on display on the LG G5?
Answer: The phone comes with an always-on display, which allows the phone to show the time, the battery remaining and certain notifications on the display all the time, without consuming much power. The people at LG said that this feature uses 0.8% battery per hour, which doesn’t seem much for a feature like this. Also, this is achieved by using a dedicated low power chip that does not use the actual processor of the phone.

Question: Does the LG G5 support Quick Charging?
Answer: Yes, the phone supports Quick Charging using the USB Type-C port that the phone houses. It has been made possible because of the USB Type-C and the Snapdragon 820 chipset.


The LG G5 looks like a promising device with all the things that you could ask for in a smartphone. The design of the phone is hated by a lot of people, but I really can’t comment on it until I have hands-on with the device. Looking at the pictures, it seems okay. Anyway, let’s wait for it to launch in India and then we’ll cover the phone properly by testing each and everything about it.