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Samsung Galaxy J3 Camera Review, Photo Samples

Samsung has rolled out another smartphone after their flagship Galaxy S7. It has added the Galaxy J3 to its J series, and it is a reminder that Samsung is also one of the most trusted names when in comes to making simple and affordable phones. Samsung takes care of its fans seeking for a phone that is pocket friendly and dependable. The entry-level J3 sells for INR 8,990 and you can buy it from 31st March onwards.


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Samsung Galaxy J3 Camera Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy J3 packs an 8 MP primary camera, along with a 5 megapixel secondary camera. The primary camera is coupled with a LED Flash. The camera hardware on the phone looks very standard for the price, at least on paper.

Galaxy J3 (8)

Camera Hardware Table

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Camera Software

Samsung has used the same old camera software that we have seen in almost every Samsung phone. The only change is in the number of modes. The sel-timer, flash and settings toggle is placed on the left side of the screen and the video toggle, gallery shortcut, modes, shutter button and front camera toggle is on the right hand side of the display. It is a neat camera layout, which can be used easily by a first timer without any trouble.

Camera Modes


There are a few camera modes in-built in the app, which include Pro mode, beauty face, sports, HDR, sound and shot, continuous shot and Panorama. Inside these modes, you can switch scenes and there are quite a few scenes available for you to choose from. Here’s a list of all those modes.

Macro Sample

Samsung Galaxy J3 (12)

Panorama Sample

Samsung Galaxy J3 (7)

HDR Sample
Samsung Galaxy J3Richtone(HDR)Low Light Sample

Samsung Galaxy J3 (9)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Camera Samples

We tested the Galaxy J3’s camera in almost every lighting condition and we did not notice any extraordinary performance compared to the other competitors in this range. I have no major complaints with the camera but still it is not as good as a Samsung camera should be.

Front Camera Samples

The front camera on this phone is not good in terms of details and colour production but it struggles in indoor and dim lighting conditions. This front camera module is much like the one we saw in previous J series phones. Looking at the price, it is a fair set of camera.

Rear Camera Samples

The rear camera on this phone is decent and we have seen similar camera in the Samsung phones earlier. The pictures look clear and colourful but lack the extra detail that makes the pictures look sharper. Here, we tested the phone in various lighting conditions to get a good feel of the camera. We divided the shots that we took into Artificial lighting, natural lighting and low lighting conditions.

Artificial Light

In artificial lighting, the camera was capturing great colours and details when the lights were good but as soon as we moved to dimmer lights, we could see a lot of grains covering up the dark areas.

Natural Light

In natural lighting condition, the camera performs well. We were able to capture some good looking shots in natural lighting, whether focusing on a distant object or on a nearby object. The detail in the pictures is also good. Autofocus is not the fastest but accuracy is on the mark.

Low Light

In low lighting condition, the camera again falters a bit. It performs just about average in areas with low light. This is something that is pretty normal with phones of any range, most of them struggle in low light. When we compared it to different cameras of the same range, it was definitely better than most of them.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Camera Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy J3 has a decent set of camera for the price. You can consider this phone if you have trust issues with the Chinese brands and their phones. I am not overwhelmed with the camera but we cannot call it bad either. At this price point, I would say the camera is something that would not depress its users until they are looking for a phone with extraordinary camera capabilities.


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