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Reliance Jio Plans Explained, Are They Really Low Cost? All You Need to Know

Reliance Jio today launched in India at Reliance Industries Limited's 39th Annual General Meeting. Announced by Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio will come with ultra affordable 4G data plans and an entire suite of apps across entertainment, news, finance, security and other services.

He announced that Jio services would begin from September 5 and all users will get free 4G data, unlimited voice calls, SMSs and unlimited access to a suite of apps as part of the ‘Jio welcome offer'.


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Reliance Jio Customer Support And Lyf Service Center List

Reliance Jio Tariff And Data Plans

Mukesh Ambani today announced that Jio will be charging only 5 paise per MB which makes it Rs. 50 per GB. He also said that with increased usage, the cost can come down to Rs. 25 per GB. Users do not have to worry about tariff plans right now as Mukesh Ambani has announced that users can enjoy unlimited data till December 31 2016.

Reliance Jio Tariff

Reliance Jio has announced that there will be ten plans. The plans begin from Rs. 149 a month and go all the way till Rs. 4,999 a month. The basic plan, costs Rs. 149 and gives 0.3 GB of 4G data along with 100 SMSs and unlimited voice calling. Users will not get access to JioNet Hotspots with this plan.

The XXXL plan costs Rs. 4,999 and gives users 75 GB of 4G data. This plan comes with unlimited 4G access at night, unlimited voice calling, SMSs and 150 GB of JioNet data. The Jio Apps are available for all the plans for free.

“We Indians have been known for Gandhigiri, now we can do datagiri,” Ambani said.

Apart from the S Plan, all other plans come with unlimited 4G access at night. All the plans are valid for 28 days instead of 30 days.

For users who need data plans with even lesser validity, Reliance Jio has three more packs.

Reliance Jio plans

The S plan which costs Rs. 299, comes with Free Unlimited Voice and SMS, 2 GB data during daytime and Unlimited 4G during night. You also get 4 GB of JioNet data. This pack is valid for 21 days.

The second pack with lesser validity is the XS pack, costing Rs. 199 – you get 0.75 GB normal data and unlimited data at night, unlimited voice and data calling and 1.5 GB of JioNet data. The pack is valid for 7 days.

Lastly, Jio has a Rs. 19 pack, giving you 0.1 GB data and unlimited data at night, unlimited voice and data calling and 0.2 GB of JioNet data. The pack is valid for 1 day.

Reliance JioNet Free Wi-Fi Access

Jio 8

Reliance is already offering data at almost no cost compared to the competition. If you are still not convinced, Jio is giving you one more reason to feel good about. Reliance Jio customers will also get to enjoy free Wi-Fi data using the JioNet hotspots all around the country. Till now, there are only limited number of hotspots till now but Reliance is setting up more hotspots rapidly around the map.

The following list will tell you how much data you can consume using the JioNet Wi-Fi hotspot for different plans.

  • 8GB with Rs. 499
  • 20GB with Rs. 999
  • 40GB with Rs. 1,499
  • 70GB with Rs. 2,499
  • 120GB with Rs. 3.999
  • 150GB with Rs. 4,999

Reliance Jio Unlimited 4G At Night Timings

Reliance Jio has offered unlimited 4G data access at night for all plans starting from the M plan that costs Rs. 499 per month.

The timings that will be considered in the night is not yet announced by Reliance but according to our sources it will be from 12PM to 6AM.

Although I have experienced low 4G speed on my Jio SIM since it is made available to all the phones.

Unlimited Voice Calling And SMSs For Free

Jio 4

All Reliance Jio users will get unlimited voice calls and SMSs for free. The basic plan (S tariff) comes with a limit of 100 SMSs per month. You don't have to pay anything extra for voice calls made across the country to any network.

Official Launch Date For Public

Reliance Jio will be officially out for public from 5th of September 2016.

Quick eKYC SIM Activation

Reliance is also working on making the activation process faster and trying to eliminate the manual process. The company will follow paper-less approach and will fasten the activation by verifying customers using eKYC provided with Adhaar cards.

This system has been rolled out at few stores in major cities, but it will be implemented complete;y by the end of this year.

Reliance Jio Student Plan (25% Extra 4G Data)

Reliance Jio will be offering additional data benefits to students, as Mukesh Ambani said that youth is the future of our country. So students can reach Reliance Digital stores and show their student ID card to get a SIM that receives 25% extra data, no matter which tariff you they choose.

Jio Digital Life Apps Access For Free

The bunch of Jio apps, which they call the Jio-Apps bouquet comes with a lot of useful apps like JioMovies, JioJoin, JioNet, Jio Life Sports, JioMags and more come with a paid subscription. Annual subscription of all these apps costs around Rs.15,000 but Reliance is offering Complimentary subscription up to 31st Dec 2017.

After 2017, you will have to resubscribe the services which seems quite logical. This offer will be available only for those buy Jio SIm before 31st Dec 2016. It offers free data, voice, video, music and video content.

Reliance Jio MyLyf Devices Price Drop

Reliance understands that a lot of consumers may not be fortunate enough to afford a 4G phone even if they have a 4G SIM. So to make it easier for everyone. Reliance has introduced a series of LYF mobile handsets starting at Rs. 2,999 only and more feature loaded phones are lined up in the list at slightly higher prices.

The LYF Mobile devices which were priced higher are now coming at reduced rates. Moreover, if you wish to buy a JioFi device rather than a phone, then you can buy it at just Rs. 1,999. It was priced at Rs. 2,999 earlier.

Additional Benefits With Jio SIM

Jio 6

  • No blackouts promised
  • No roaming charges will apply
  • Cheapest 4G around
  • Only 100% 4G network
  • 18000 Cities & Towns and 2 Lack villages covered, claimed to cover 90% of India's population by 2017.
  • Only VoLTE supported network
  • No charges for calling and SMS

Can we use Jio SIM with other devices if we have a LYF device?

LYF smartphone users will be able to use the Jio SIM only after 3 months of activation. Usually the preview period has to be finished before you use Jio SIM with some other phone.

How Use Mobile Number Portability To Switch To Reliance Jio?

This is how you can port your mobile number to Reliance Jio.

  • Send an SMS “PORT Mobile Number” to 1900 from the number you want to switch from
  • You will get a code
  • Visit the nearest Reliance Digital Store and show the SMS with the code, ID Proof copy and photos
  • You will get a Reliance Jio 4G SIM card with the Preview Offer
  • Enjoy 90 days of free unlimited data and calling

Note- Reliance has not commented on the portability till now. This process is expected to start working from 2017 onwards.


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