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Google Introduced “Trusted Contacts” App, We All Need This

So, user security has become a point of concern for every tech giant and to further improve its market edge in an effective manner, Google has introduced its new app, “Trusted Contacts”. The new personal safety app will let you share your location with your trusted people in everyday situations and when emergencies arise. The catch is, this will work if you are offline also.



After installing the Android app, you have the flexibility to assign “trusted” status to the closest contacts in your list. The trusted contacts will be able to see whether you are online or moved around recently. If you are feeling that you are not safe, you can immediately share your actual location with the contacts you have marked “trusted”.

After sharing your location, the concerned contact will request to see your exact location and if in a given timeframe you are unable to respond then the app will automatically share your location. This will help in reaching out to you in the best possible manner.


The flexibility of changing the trusted contacts or stop sharing the location is always on. Whether you seek just a little reassurance or you are stuck in an actual emergency, this app will help you in reaching out your loved ones for help in a hassle free manner. For now, only the Android app is available in the market but, soon an iOS version will be introduced in the market.

Let’s see how this new app from Google will gain attention from the Android users, as this will be a convenient way to see where your loved ones are heading and whether they are OK or not. Especially for people who are looking after their loved ones that are living alone, so in case if they are unable to pick you call or respond to your messages, you always know where they are to reach and check yourself.