Yolk is a solar power company with a vision to bring solar technology to everyone’s life. Yolk in 2014 had launched its first solar charger, Solarade. Solarade was a successful innovation from Yolk and was appreciated by many users. It was world’s smallest solar charger, able to charge iPhones, GoPro, external batteries, flashlights and many other devices. Yolk has come with new innovation with the launch of new solar charger, Solar Paper. It is the thinnest and lightest solar charger in the world.

All About Solar Paper

Solar Paper is a portable solar charger that helps you charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices via USB cable with the help of solar energy i.e. sunlight. You can carry the Solar Paper anywhere you want to. You can take it along on treks, adventures, school, college etc. All you need to do is to have decent sunny conditions and you are ready to charge.

Yolk claims that it can charge an iPhone up to 100% in 2.5 hours. Once your device is charged over 90%, Solar Paper will go into auto-reset mode to slow down the power generation, which means it switches according to the power it needs to generate and according to the light conditions.

It gives you multiple power configuration options to choose from, if your device supports the following configuration, you can use the Solar Paper blindfolded without having a risk of damaging your device. The options are – (5W,5V,1A), (7.5W,5V,1.5A ), (10W,5V,2A), (12.5W,5V,2.5A), (15W,5V,3A).

Unpack the Solar Paper from the box; attach the panels using the inbuilt magnets. To make the bond stronger, you can use the links given in the cylindrical box. With this, you can have a stronger bond between the panels and will be best used when you have to hang on backpack. After you are done with these steps, you can easily place the panels in direct sunlight, or hang to the back of your bag while traveling and connect your device via USB cable.

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You will see that your device has started to charge and the power used to charge the phone will be displayed on the LCD located on top of Solar Paper.

Solar Paper is surely a good equipment, which does not need any external electrical power to generate its own. It simply uses the natural resource, sunlight as the source for power and generates efficient amount of charging power for your device. If you are a travel enthusiast or if you mostly stay out most of the time, then Solar Paper might turn out to be a great option to go for.

Solar Paper is available for Rs. 15,784 in India on Amazon.in. You can learn more about the device here.